• this detail is beautiful.
    and i seriously appreciate how much you do for photography.
    it's amazing how much guts you have.
    <3 - Haley Marshall Photography
  • Applause to you for doing this! Isn't it funny the crazy positions we put ourselves in for photography? I've gagged myself on a rose before but not a fish- i'll have to try that sometime ;) - Leah Johnston
  • this is why you are my inspiration. - Kiara Rose
  • you're amazing! - allison.johnston
  • GAH, I would have puked. - Savannah Daras
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I can't even. You're wonderful. This amazes me and grosses me out and I love it. - emmakatka
  • I love that his mouth is open, mimicing yours! - Brad.Wagner
  • Love the shinyness here. And your tags<33 - ginaballerina.
  • I feel the same way about fish. I'd NEVER be brave enough to get over my little fear of them and do this... - Nikko Russano
  • I love the hair here - martinak15
  • I have a new mission, and it is to re-create this picture.
    You have given my life purpose, thank you. - emsbems94
  • OMG. you are so awesome, Sarah. - Ethan Coverstone
  • your dedication to photography seriously blows my mind:o - Cameron John Sarradet
  • those colors here!! wooow - David A Córdova M
  • Sarah, you LEGEND!

    (and brave, brave soul :O) - Cynthia.Wong
  • This space needs an octopus. - david.travis
  • I think this is a really nicely done one. Ta! - Shotslot
  • I love photography.. but I'd never do this. I'm fascinated and disgusted :D - Pimthida
  • first initial reaction/thought - "Uggghhh!" ....second thought - "man.. that's true guts...." - ChelseyLeBlanc
  • Love the tags! - hobbitbrain
  • p.s. I love the tags you have on this photo XD - martinak15
  • FISH! I had a similar idea. OMG! Even having wet hair! Amazing how you thought of a VERY similar idea!!! x - Gaietty
  • You are amazing!! This photo is epic:) - lenju4
  • disgusting and wonderful! :) - Nicolò Panzeri
  • Sarah, you are so perfect haha I love you. - Katharine Hannah.
  • gee the tags are funny - Tt Féяoce (★)
  • I admire you so much as a photogrpaher, I don't quite know how to put it into words, but ur photos have a soul, they make u really stop and to think (: - Maria Pajakari

to have gills.

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315 of 365.

Although I am not especially fond of this photo I wanted to upload it anyway because it was insanely unpleasant and made me hate my life. I hate fish. I hate everything about fish. I am both scared and repulsed by them.

This was a sight to see however. Me, in my living room, in a bathing suit, taking photos of myself alternately dumping cups of water on my head and gagging with a fish head in my mouth. Totes a normal thing to do.

Partially inspired by beautiful Caroline!

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  1. Sarah Ann Loreth 38 months ago

    Preparing myself. Do not want.

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