Day 49 - The hardest part isn't finding what we need to be,

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    It's being content with who we are.

    - The Hero Dies In This One`

    This tattoo means the world to me. The first time I heard this song, I was about 13. My friend had burned me a copy of her "So Long Astoria" and as soon as I got home from school I put it in my cd player and listened to the whole cd. When it got to this song I fell instantly in love. The lyric "The hardest part isn't finding what we need to be, It's being content with who we are." is spoken and so you have to turn the volume up to really make out what he's saying. I played the song over and over again until I could figure out what he was saying. And once I heard it, it stuck with me. At 13 I was a pretty lost kid. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted to be. I was unhappy with the way I looked - my weight, my hair, my Wal-Mart wardrobe. I didn't like myself very much at all. Through the years I've learned what it means to be content and how to love myself despite my flaws. Kris's words are true. The hardest part isn't finding what we need to be. It's being content with who we are. As long as I'm happy with the person I am, everything will be okay.

    Covering my scars wasn't easy. It's hard to let go of something like that. It took a long time for me to be ready to stop cutting. I'm finally happy with who I am. I don't need to cut anymore. The hardest part - being content - I've achieved it.

    This is the best birthday present I've ever gotten. My brother bought it for me. I was so surprise and so touched when he offered to pay for it. Getting it done on my birthday, having my brother buy it for me and be there with me while it was being done just meant so much. Every time I look down on it, I'll remember him and that day and all the struggles I've overcome and what those words mean.

    It hurt like a bitch. Especially on my wrist and near my elbow-pit. Oh my god, I thought he was dragging a hot knife into my arm. But it was SO worth it. And I can't wait to get another one!

    You can see the whole thing HERE!

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    1. jolie_arquette33 61 months ago | reply

      wow! I've been there, and it's great that you've overcome that.

    2. Steffi Lou 60 months ago | reply

      Unfortunately I can relate to you, I'm glad that your tattoo has helped you move on from such a terrible place. I hope to do the same on my 18th birthday. Congratulations, I'm glad you are healing. x

    3. samme10104 60 months ago | reply

      Wow, it's beautiful!

    4. Supermunchie 58 months ago | reply

      That's one of the most beautiful tattoos I've ever seen :)

    5. queensonia2001 55 months ago | reply

      amazing tat, and even more amazing story behind it!

    6. dayglotter_ivy 55 months ago | reply

      ............. it's a beautiful life.

      much love for u and ur tat!

    7. yinni=] 53 months ago | reply

      Your tattoo i amazing i love it so much! The story and meaning behind it is beautiful! What kind of font did you use for this?

    8. dpk2313 52 months ago | reply

      Im an admin for the group 40oz and 50 bucks and we would love to have your photo added to our group

    9. CHHAHH [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

      great tattoo!

    10. indiekidd73 50 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lyrical tattoos, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    11. Madame_Kitty [deleted] 49 months ago | reply


    12. ALMTK 48 months ago | reply

      This is so inspiring. I haven't cut in almost 6 months, but I still have the scars. They're so ugly, but they remind me of the pain I went through and to not let myself get to that point again. I want a way to cover them up, but still keep the memory of them. This is such an amazing idea, and I love the quote.

    13. MassAppealEnt 48 months ago | reply

      I couldn't agree more... but it is quite the balancing act because contentment often makes us sedentary.

      I wrote an article on a new semi-permanent ink called "infintink"and was wondering what the tattoo community thinks about it: tinyurl[dot]com/2fukkds

      Check it out and leave a comment if you get a chance!

      Dunx :)

    14. lolitaadolly 45 months ago | reply

      i can relate.
      i'm planning on getting a tattoo to cover my scars as well.
      this is an awesome tat, story and photo.
      props to you. <3

    15. fullofwhispers 42 months ago | reply

      So beautiful and great meaning.

    16. man_of_adventure [deleted] 40 months ago | reply


    17. Memmento Mori 39 months ago | reply

      This is a beautiful story and a great tattoo :)

    18. JonaBullets 25 months ago | reply

      this is one of favorite line in all Ataris songs, it makes me feel tight in the chest.
      this tattoo is amazing! and give you kudos for getting it.. a darm nice place for it too!

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