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Day 45 - Let me be your Hollywood. | by like_shipwrecks
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Day 45 - Let me be your Hollywood.

We all lust to the glamorous white girl,

so fine.


-Gym Class Heroes


So I posted a TON of my shots from yesterdays abandoned car lot adventure and a few people said how much they liked my hoodie so I decided to give you a close up shot of it (and my FACE.) cause you can't see all the rad little designs all over it. You'd laugh if I told you where I got it.


Anyway, after I shot like 150 pictures of me in this hoodie (the hood would not cooperate. It wouldn't stand up straight, it kept going floppy like a bored penis.) I went looking through my contacts photos before I started editing my shot for today. I found more hooded people! Brian and Ulric! What's up with that? :)


I've also noticed that a few of my favourites are of hooded people:



This person





Anyway. I suck at acting gangsturrrr.


So last night after I got home from taking pictures I was exhausted. I was hanging out on the couch and I noticed a speck on the trackpad on my macbook. So I went to wipe it off...only it moved! I looked closer...IT. WAS. A. TICK. I jumped off the couch, stripped all my clothes off and ran into my moms bathroom and demanded she check me for ticks. She didn't find any and neither did I but I was on edge all night. Every time my hair brushed my neck or the tag from my clothing touched me I jumped up and examined myself to be sure that a stray tick had not been overlooked. UGH. Now I'm afraid to go back to the car lot. I REALLY want to. Does anyone have any tick-proofing ideas? I thought about marinating myself in bug spray in the bathtub but that might get a bit expensive...


On a funnier note:


Brother: Uh, Cole, can I use your tweezers?

Me: What for?

Brother: I have a tick.

Me: Oh yeah ::digs in purse for tweezers:: here, let me get it...

Brother: No, that's okay, I can get it.

Me: Just let me do it! Where is it?

Brother: Um. Uh...well...


It was on his junk.


I gave him the tweezers.


Then I LOL'ed.



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Taken on January 2, 2007