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Lost Amongst the Stars

Last night was the new moon, so I decided to test out my new 16-35mm lens by heading out to the Dalles, to shoot the stars. I made the 2 hour trip out to the old "Emerson House" (I think thats what its called) and arrived at midnight. I got out of my car and it was deathly silent outside. Looking at the old house way out in the field in the utter blackness made me think twice about walking out there. I am by no means superstitious, but when you arrive at a so called "haunted house" at midnight by yourself, your nerves start to get to you. After about twenty minutes of staring at the house, I finally built up enough courage to crawl under the fence and walk out into the field to photograph it. I set up, (and by this point I am really freaking out!) and fired off 4 shots. Then I start hearing noises in the complete silence of the night, but I shrug them off thinking that I am just paranoid. Then something tips over in the house, it was an unmistakable noise. (really, really freaking out by now!!!!! eek!) My mind starts making up all sorts of explanations. THen I hear an awful blood curdling screech, and 2 very large birds came stampeding out screeching and hollering strait at me. I freak out, run-- trip, run -dive, freak out that I almost broke my new 16-35, scramble under the fence leap into my car, and speed off as fast as I can. I do not think I will be back to the Emerson house, unless it is with a very large parade of people :) This is one of the 4 shots that I got before I was chased out by some pterodactyl screeching bird thing. ( I never did see what type of bird, looked too big to be an ordinary owl) (could have been a vulture) :) THis image was made by using a flash light to paint light on onto the old building. Enjoy!

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Taken on June 19, 2012