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    When I asked permission for a photo, the portrayed man and owner of the store offered to put the boxes back that he already brought inside. He was in the process of closing and said that the other boxes were filled with many sorts of colorful fruits which would make the photo more nicer. With this little sweet gesture our discussion started, it lasted for at least a half hour. I would like to share a short summary with you here.

    The story of this little grocery store begins in 1930. Two bachelor men bought the property and started a bakery in there. The two men, old and sick passed away before the beginning of 1959. They were never married, had no kids and further families, therefore according to their will as stated in the testament the property was donated to the local church.

    The church in question is just 3 minutes and streets away from the store. The chapels can be seen from here. The church rented the property to the present family and they started the grocery store somewhere in 1959. Later on the church came into financial problems and sold the building to the hiring family.

    Surviving with this little grocery store is almost impossible said the owner. "If I didn’t own the shop and had to pay rent for the store and the accompanying house I couldn’t survive for a day".

    This small and authentic grocery store survives even with the presence of the biggest European discount supermarket chain down in the same street, of which the owners are ranked among the 15th richest people in the world according to Forbes in 2007.

    I hope that this little family business can find a way to survive for decades to come! Continuing the story of people’s life and love attached to it. I am doing my shopping there this week :-)

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    1. Ma®tiniLux 57 months ago | reply

      Oh, if this would have been straight on; a sure keep.


    2. zalkr 57 months ago | reply

      missed the frame by a bit but the dude is awesome!

    3. PeinLee 57 months ago | reply

      this one was difficult... it's social documentary, photojournalism, reportage all key things for me and what rings my bell photography-wise, but it's not streetphotography in the 'traditional' or 'conventional' sense.

      i do like the image very much.


    4. johnny onion [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      i have no idea why, but this photo immediately made me think of this one by diane arbus.

    5. smoothdude 57 months ago | reply

      really great photo lightmush.. but the foot and the bottom of the frame are cut off and although its nitpicking, it was the first thing i noticed..also it feels a bit underexposed..overall though great shot

      -Voted "ditch6" (by the The Gutter™)

    6. yotung 57 months ago | reply

      great expression, description, +dutchness. also, diane arbus reference by JA. generally tasty fruit & veg = keep.


    7. -p-a-u-l- 57 months ago | reply

      a bit staged but overall an interesting and colorful shot!


    8. Mawhrin Skel 57 months ago | reply

      His expression is great, but the comp is off and the light is poor. If you're going to stage shots there's no excuse for getting it wrong. Straight on with flash would have been better.



    9. liber 57 months ago | reply

      great portrait, the comp could use a bit of work, but still a...


    10. Jackson Gruber 57 months ago | reply

      i really like his expression and the detail/color in the storefront is great. not sure if perspective is working to your advantage here though, and lighting on the guy could be better. very close but still a ditch

    11. Megan Skelly 57 months ago | reply

      I really like it. It tells a great story, even without your details added on below.

      -Voted "keep8" (by the The Gutter™)

    12. wraggy 57 months ago | reply

      Interesting story but falls in documentaru for me. Given that you probably had time after talking to him I dont know why you have framed it so tight at the bottom of the frame either. Shame


    13. SurfDaddy 57 months ago | reply

      great story

    14. Martino's doodles 57 months ago | reply

      O damn, great story, not sure it's street really

    15. Rrrryan 57 months ago | reply

      this is a great story and an awesome shot. This falls into the documentary side of photography moreso than street for me.

    16. isi-ono 57 months ago | reply

      I love this image. The colours and his facial expression takes me back to childhood.

    17. PeinLee 57 months ago | reply

      Bummer, you photo got ditched. Add it to The Sewer™ where it can stink forever.

    18. - Lanny [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

      I was surprised this photo was a ditch. Overall I like it, but the comment by Pig Sty tainted it for me. That did change my view of this image.

    19. judith_willothewisp 40 months ago | reply

      I often buy odd groceries there as it just three minutes walk from our house !

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