"We cloak ourselves in cold indifference to the unnecessary suffering of others - even when we cause it." James Carroll

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    A beggar counting and re-counting his scarce Rupiah in the wet streets of Madurai..... I am not truly comfortable taking photo´s like this, but I feel it is also a part of India that must be acknowledged. The exteme poverty that exists is not something we may ignore, something we may conveniently shut out.

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    1. luisa_m_c_m_cruz ages ago | reply

      Another fabolous catch.

    2. Mark Strozier ages ago | reply

      **ANNE, your titles are incredible.

      Not to mention your images! Stellar.

    3. diogro ages ago | reply

      I've been to india too. Took me a while to get used to the beggars.

    4. gregor_y ages ago | reply

      A haunting portrait, Anne!

    5. mkm3d ages ago | reply

      Your work speaks volumes, and touches the heart of many, and opens the eyes of us all.Thank you.

    6. jimmah_v ages ago | reply

      “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” -- Dorothea Lang

      I believe that a respectful process will always yield a respectful image.

      This is a profoundly respectful image.

      Thank you.

    7. Mario 2R's ages ago | reply

      You really have to love, understand and respect deeply a country (or a region, or whatever is in steak) to produce images like this...

    8. stoneth ages ago | reply

      wow. wow. wow.

      awesome shot!


    9. carlmonus ages ago | reply

      Jesus! I opened your homepage to be greeted by this and I swear it scared me real good. Great capture!
      You've been to india too, hey? An amazing place with amazing people. I must go through your photo stream.
      (sorry for blaspheming at the beginning)

    10. Up The Banner ages ago | reply

      "The haves and the have nots"----There but for the grace of God go I.

    11. Marte Bonaparte ages ago | reply

      Intense series, really great work. Love your titles, makes the images even stronger.

    12. N. Mexico ages ago | reply

      You are right, Anne, this should not be ignored. This photo tugs at my heartstrings.

    13. JPuck ages ago | reply

      A respectful image indeed. Fantastic.

    14. khoogheem ages ago | reply

      WOW Great Picture.. Add it to: www.flickr.com/groups/beggars/

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