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My photos of the 2 greatest ships afloat - The QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2) and her replacement the mighty QM2 (Queen Mary 2).

QE2 :-

Most pictures were taken in her last 12 months of service.

*She is the most famous ship in the world (except for the rubbish one that sank).

* She was the flagship of the British merchant fleet from 1969 until 2005.

* She is the fastest liner in the world, faster even than the epic new QM2.

* She is the most successful ship of all time - hugely profitable money-making machine for 4 decades.

* With the exception of space ships, she is the furthest travelled man-made object of all time, and easily the furthest-travelled ship of all time, she will have travelled 5.85 million miles by the end of her service life.

* She is the last true transatlantic liner, able to reach New York in under 4 days.

* She is the last proud ship of state.

* She is the last Clydebuilt Queen.

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New York and QM2 Transatlantic - July 2015

New York and QM2...

75 photos, 1 video

QM2 Greenock 2009
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QM2 Greenock 2009

99 photos

QE2 Mediterranean Cruise - August 2008
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QE2 Mediterranean Cruise -...

264 photos, 6 videos

QE2 40th Birthday Tour
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QE2 40th Birthday Tour

56 photos, 4 videos

Other QE2 Photos

Other QE2 Photos

134 photos