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Who's Right? | by Viewminder
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Who's Right?

I found this sign kind of ironic...


being that I photographed it in the window of an art gallery from the sidewalk.


The public sidewalk that belongs to all the people of Chicago to do on it whatever they wish that is not specifically prohibited by statute or reasoned by the police to be 'disturbing the peace.'


What I find ironic about this sign is that it specifically mentions the 'artist's' right to 'take action on any piracy and copyright infringement' while it completely tramples upon my right to take a picture of anything that I can see from the sidewalk.


Even more so... the 'artist' has proclaimed himself... or herself... to have the power to 'permit' me to do what is my right on that sidewalk.


I don't know when they became 'king' but it always strikes me as funny when those demanding some right for themselves deny me of what is a right of mine.


You know those people who ask you to show you your receipt and what's in your bag when you leave a store?


What they're asking you to do is give up one of your rights...


the right to privacy in your person... to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.


I NEVER give up a right.


You shouldn't either.


I never let them look in my bag and I never show them my receipt.


I just keep on walking...


sometimes they follow me or say something to me...


but gahd I'm always just secretly hoping that they touch me... or detain me.


If they had probable cause to believe that I stole something then they would have the right to detain me until the police come and possibly even search me.


Once I pay for the stuff at the cash register... title and ownership of it is transferred to ME.


'No you can't look through my bag.'


My kids kinda hate that I do that... they're embarrassed by it and that's precisely why I will never give up a right in front of them.


Because they're watching.


Are we in this country a 'free people?'


Didn't a lot of people make some pretty deep sacrifices so that we might have the rights that we have?


Wouldn't it be a dishonor to them and their sacrifices to just give up these rights?


I will always photograph a sign that says that I cannot photograph it when indeed I have a right to.


I could show you this 'artists' work too... without violating their copyright...


but it's not that good.


Maybe I was just 'tainted' by the 'artist's' attitude... I mean come on... a freakin' 'artist' trying to trample on my rights!


You can't be an artist in my opinion if you do that.


You've become a 'fascist.'


Don't get me wrong... I'm completely against copyright infringement... I just busted my kid for downloading music without paying for it...


artists deserve fair compensation for their work.


But I'm not going to let anyone take away a single right of mine.


If people do this... giving up their rights so easily then those whose interests contradict our rights will try and in some cases succeed in denying us the rights that we have as a free people.


I've often been called a 'nitpicker' for this belief.


Mostly by my kids.


When I was stopped at a roadside checkpoint and the officer looked inside my car to see if me and my passengers were wearing seat belts I chastised him...


I don't feel he had a right to do that.


He had no 'probable cause' to believe that I wasn't wearing a seat belt.


The founders of our country were sick of the British doing that to us.


Now my kids point out those checkpoints from a mile away begging me to drive around them.


They don't wanna sit there while I let the cop know how I feel... backing up traffic while I refuse to move because I feel like I've got a right to express my opinion to an officer of the law... especially one who I believe is not observing the Constitution when he stops me from going about my business in order to see that I am indeed complying with the state statute to wear my seat belt.


Which of course I was wearing.


Because not wearing a seat belt is stupid.


Don't a free people have a right to be stupid?


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Taken on August 19, 2012