• Shark - bk bob
  • Actually Bob... most people I'm sure know that there are no sharks in Lake Superior because it's too far north... I'm pretty sure that what you're looking at is a killer whale.
  • Notice the typical white 'orca' eye patch here.

Beauty I Share With You

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Man this place was some good medicine.

I wish I could have taken you all with me to savor it.

The weather and the light were amazing.

My soul feels like it just got the best massage.

My mind feels so much clearer.

My body is restored.

If you can ever get up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and see Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore you will be doing your soul a favor.

There's something about the majestic beauty of the Earth itself.

It gives us a really good perspective.

I'm so glad that I could share this picture with you.

I hope it's a bright spot in your day.

Love and light.

Wish You Were Here

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  1. Susan Dollman 31 months ago | reply

    Thanks so much for sharing - I love Pictured Rocks, especially the variegated lines of color in the rocks along the shoreline.

  2. Viewminder 31 months ago | reply

    Oh gahd I'm trying to weed through those pictures now!

    What a beautiful place and it's really not that far away.





  3. armed with aesthetics 31 months ago | reply

    oh man, this is just breathtaking. thank you for sharing! i can see how it would be incredibly restorative.

  4. Viewminder 31 months ago | reply

    You're welcome... wish I could have shared some authentic Wisconsin cheese curds with you by lanternlight...


    “Be reflective…Be unattached to all who come into your life by not demanding that they stay, go, or appear, at your whim.”

    ~The Power of Intention

    VM1_8234 aviary

    Oh man the restorative power of 'Viewminder's Special Blend' with fresh roasted fresh ground coffee brewed up with pure water and made in a french press with some of my ADHD medicine sprinkled into it!

    Wakeup and dig the nature!

    And after we've done dug all the nature we can dig we'll get a little more natural when we hit up the Nude Beach...

    VM1_8169 aviary

    When it gets a little too dark for the 'Nude Beach' we'll knock back some Blue Moon's and listen to the coyotes howl...

    Not Once In a Blue Moon...

    or a Heineken...

    Naked Bongo Drumming ~ Brought to You by Heineken and Off Bug Spray and the Word 'Booby Hatch'

  5. ~ cynthiak ~ 31 months ago | reply

    You are still inspiring me to be the best person I can be.....thank you for that!! :)

  6. dreaming in blues 31 months ago | reply

    stunning beauty in these shots!

  7. Viewminder 31 months ago | reply

    You've done the same for me girl and we gotta get out shooting again soon...

    Thank you Shilo! You always see the light!

    edit life ring VM1_9994

    I never forget a ship.


    And I'll never forget that shore!

    edit sunset wreck VM1_9648 aviary square

    And those Lake Superior Sunsets have always delivered for me...

    you can see some of the timbers from the wreck of the Mary Jarecki in the center of the frame near the beach.

  8. ORIONSM 31 months ago | reply

    Great coastal shot, looks a great place to kick back and just chill out.

  9. Viewminder 31 months ago | reply

    Man... I swear to gahd... maximum chillin' out was achieved!

    edit rock rainbow VM1_8845

    I found balance and achieved momentary 'oneness' with the universe!

  10. espressoDOM 31 months ago | reply

    much needed rest and relaxation

  11. Cathy LM 31 months ago | reply

    so beautiful!! great colors!!

  12. (Urban) on/off 31 months ago | reply

    looks beautiful there !!

  13. [patriciannelizabeth] [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

    Simply beautiful !

  14. Viewminder 31 months ago | reply

    One of the things that make this world just a little more beautiful is that we all share with each other a little bit of the beauty that we see...

    Lake Superior Sunrise

    "Lake Superior Sunrise"


    A Little World

    "A Little World"


  15. f r a g i l e . 31 months ago | reply

    Seen & Admired in " f l i c k "

  16. J.R. Rondeau 31 months ago | reply

    I've driven Lake Superior's north shore. If this is anything like that, it must be beautiful!

    Your photo SCREAM 0F THE PH0T0GRAPHER !!!
    Thank you for sharing with us

    Created by Hülya I Coskun

  17. dimaruss34 31 months ago | reply

    Your photo SCREAM 0F THE PH0T0GRAPHER !!!
    Thank you for sharing with us

    Created by Hülya I Coskun

  18. FOTONICO.BR 31 months ago | reply

    Certified by Beautiful Capture Group

  19. Shein Die 31 months ago | reply

    I am very much enjoying your fine pictures... thanks so much!
    see mine? www.flickr.com/photos/75184456@N04/

  20. Zero EvoluZioN 26 months ago | reply

    Wao, beautiful capture

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