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Far Far Away | by Viewminder
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Far Far Away

I spent some time looking out the window this morning.


Sometimes looking out the window can be cathartic in letting us listen to the background noise of our minds I think.


Like sitting on the seashore listening to the lullaby of the waves.


I was thinking about that theater shooting in Colorado.


It's such a horrible and senseless thing.


I read that the Whitehouse and a number of other state and local governments ordered their flags flown at half mast as a symbol of mourning for the victims of that barbarism.


I can understand that.


But further reading of the news points out that on average forty five people are shot and killed in the United States every day.








That's about one gun murder every half hour.


In Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend there were forty people shot... ten of them were killed.


Chicago they say, has become the 'murder capital.'


As the economy remains stagnant I've seen the streets get a lot 'dicier.'


I'm horrified at what that asshole did in Colorado at that movie theater.


He murdered fourteen people... one of them was a six year old girl.


It makes me think of some prick hurting my daughter.


If he hurt my kid I'd steal a bulldozer and ram it through the walls at that jail and there wouldn't be a trial... for that dickhead at least.


And I'd probably get off on a 'technicality.'


So our leaders order the flags flown at half mast in mourning for these victims.


But it almost seems disrespectful to all of the other people who are often solitary victims to gun violence to not recognize their plight.


I'll never take advantage of these situations to espouse some political view... that guns should be banned or that we as Americans have a fundamental right to bear arms.


I don't think that those things are even relevant.


I still believe that people have 'free will' even though that seems to be on the decline.


People who hurt other people and commit acts of violence are self centered and barbaric individuals.


That's the real issue.


And it becomes an issue on the day a child is born... how they're brought up... the morals and the values instilled within them.


Mom and dad are at the center of it all.


At least half the time.


The other half of the time children are brought up in single parent homes.


Like mine.


The media... the schools... video games... music... peers and popular culture can tear away at what even the most careful and conscientious parents strive to help their children become.


That kid just didn't wake up one day and decide to go shoot seventy or eighty people in that movie theater.


Some evil was brewing in him for a long time.


'What causes this evil' should be the question I suppose.


And while we're all wondering...


since that shooting...


two hundred and twenty five people have been gunned down in the United States.


Maybe we should just keep the flag at half mast.


Killing Someone Else is Your Own Suicide

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Taken on July 25, 2012