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Night on the Harbor ~ The 104th Race to Mackinac

So what if I just decided to do it on Friday night.


My bags were packed by 1:45 am on Saturday.


I gotta get to the harbor by 7:30 and I still feel like I'd like to drink a beer or two or three maybe.


An administrative oversight by yours truly has left yours truly overdrawn in the bank account to the tune of fifteen hundred bucks.


Yours truly is truly bummed.


Since that can't be fixed until Monday morning it seemed like a perfect plan.


Jump a sailboat to Mackinac Island.


Don't need any dough for that.


I dunno... it could take three... four days maybe.


But first I gotta talk someone into taking me.


I've never been on a sailboat before.


I've always wanted to.


And I'm a quick learner.


I grew up on powerboats so I'm good on the water.


I've just never been propelled by the wind.


At least in the direction I wanted to go.


I gotta get someone to take me on this run.


I could really use the blue water days.


Do some reading...


some writing...


kick back and chill...


learn to sail...


or at least just quickly do what the Captain tells me to do.


I don't even know what all of that shit is called...


those cranky things...


the sails...


I'm just not gonna point out the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing you know what I'm sayin?


I'll figure it out.


And it ain't like the skipper's gonna throw me overboard for bein' a dipshit.


Or stop at the next harbor.


It's a freakin' race.


And any good Captain could get the biggest idiot in the world to do what needs to be done.


That settles it doesn't it?


I need a good Captain.


And a 'three day boat.'


I only got three or four days.


And then I still gotta hitch hike back from Mackinac Island to Chicago.


I should have rectified that administrative oversight by then.


It all works out.


It always does.


Because I live in 'Viewminderworld.'


And whoever has the balls to take Viewminder on is gonna get some really good closeup shots of the crew and the boat in action.


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Taken on July 20, 2012