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The 'Snipah' | by Viewminder
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The 'Snipah'

I really enjoy watching the way that other street shooters have fine tuned their approach to shooting life as it goes down on the street.


Every one I've watched shoot has a noticeably different style and manner in not only how they carry themselves... how they look at and see the world around them and how they steady their camera to take a shot once they've composed it in their head.


Typically I move in fast... take the shots I want... interact if interaction is called for or beneficial and then I'm outta there before someone changes their mind about 'allowing' me to photograph them.


Few are those who don't notice me shoot them.


But I do it so fast they don't really have time to figure it all out.


The 'Snipah' seems to approach it all with an entirely different mindset.


Sam seems to have two modes of shooting... one when she's moving and the other is when she picks out a place to shoot and waits for a shot to come to her.


Even when she's mobile she looks as if she studies the subject quite a bit.


She begins shooting further out.


She's not trying to be stealthy... it's just the way that she does it.


People see her for sure.


And they notice her shooting them from a lot further away than they do me.


She reads the situation and if it looks right she gets all the way in there.


It's deliberate.


And it's really slow compared to the way that I do it.


The magic of her approach is that I've seen her go into some situations that from a distance looked downright awkward...


but her mojo makes it cool every time.


And she gets a lot more time in close proximity to her subjects for it.


Any low light street shooter's got their own method of stopping their motion in a split second to fire of a frame.


The 'Snipah's' turned it into a science.


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Taken on July 7, 2012