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There is Nothing Senseless in Nature

I don't know why getting out there away from it all is such good medicine for the soul.


There's a thousand reasons I suppose.


But the one thing that seems to put balance back into my soul is that in nature there is nothing 'senseless.'


There is a reason for everything.


And the reason is the indefatigable movement of all living things to thrive and to grow.


If you immerse yourself in it long enough it comes to be a metaphor.


There is a reason for everything.


And everything moves on.


Clinging to whatever it can to do whatever it is that will propogate the energy it possesses.


Life has a force and that force is incredible.


This weed and the seeds it's about to release to the wind are more than a miracle.


Everything is.


You are.


I am.


My soul feels like it's just taken a drink that it's needed to take for so long.


I think this weekend that backpack and I are going to go out again and get some more of this medicine.


Baby steps.


Little excursions to prepare me for the climax to come.


The Apostle Islands.


I felt like I could breathe so deep.


Those deep breaths and the thoughts that the earth and the woods imparted on me were so vivid and textured deep.


A couple of days and nights in the woods can change your being in the best of ways.


A little further north this time.


A little deeper into the woods.


A little deeper into my soul.


I can feel the light there.


And the light is good.


Really good.

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Taken on June 30, 2012