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Last Night I Saw the Magic Man | by Viewminder
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Last Night I Saw the Magic Man

Last night was some crazy shit alright.


I've got one piece of advice for you...


don't ever go to a neighborhood festival in Chicago after say nine at night.


Trust me.


It's cool if you hit it in the day earlier and stay all night.


But you don't want to walk into a party like that by the time everyone's been drinking one liter beers out of big plastic steins all day.


Bad mojo right there.


Twenty bucks and one and a half beers later it was time to scoot.


I went down to the 'park' and I saw the 'Magic Man.'


The whole city was crazy I swear to gahd.


Maybe it was the full moon...


crossed with a Saturday night...


with a bit of the spell of the first night of summertime thrown in...


but man it was just freakin' crazy out there.


Magic Man's always a conjurer of cool though...


and we chilled out and watched all the chaos roll.


Hadda good talk.


Watched a little midnight voodoo.


By that time it was three thirty in the morning.


And we'd had a few.


I only figured that out right now after I looked at the time on this shot.


I wasn't watchin' the old watch and I was just kinda surfin' the vibe on the street.


As skydivers say...


I 'lost track of time and altitude.'


When the sun started to rise I looked at it and I said...


'Holy shit is that the sun?'


I am one sore mofo right now.


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Taken on June 3, 2012