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Cafe Au Lait and Beignets ~ Cafe Du Monde ~ New Orleans | by Viewminder
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Cafe Au Lait and Beignets ~ Cafe Du Monde ~ New Orleans

I don't know what the 'special ingredient' in those 'Nawlin's Slurpees' is but after three of them I slept like a baby.


First one made me feel real good.


The second one made me feel even better.


The third one got me kicked out of The Camellia Grill.


For walking in there with it.


The cook yelled over at me after I sat down at the counter with it... 'NO ALCOHOL IN HERE!'


Dude was serious too.


I know because he pointed his spatula at me while he yelled it.


In my experience that means a chef is serious.


Not as serious as when he points a knife at you...


but very serious still.


I started back out for the street without complaint or negotiation and I figured I'd just knock the rest of that delicious frozen concoction back and then return for some late night snackin' action and right before I hit the door the entire staff at the 'Grill started laughing and the cook yelled 'JUST KIDDING' and the whole place erupted into a party while the counterman accused me of 'conspiracy to abuse alcohol' by throwing the drink away because he thought I was gonna pitch it even though I vehemently insisted that I was gonna just drink it out on the street... which they seem to encourage down here in New Orleans.


I finished it at the counter while I ordered me some munch.


That's when it struck me.


'Alcohol' IS the SECRET INGREDIENT in those things!


It totally gave me a killer mid-night craving for a Reuben Sandwich which the guys at the Camellia Grill took care of after numerous bouts of fist bumping for even walking in there with one of those alcohol infused Slurpees.


They were good sports and they do fire up a tasty Reuben there.


Then I was off to 'La La Land.'


I woke up at five am to get a little bit of work done and after puttin' in an hour or so on the 'puter some coffee sounded like a good idea.


Those Slurpees kinda left me feelin' a little 'unhealthy' this morning and I thought maybe a jog before that would be just the thing.


But since I don't jog I ditched that idea and decided that a plate of deep fried dough with a cup and a half of powdered sugar poured over it would be a better way to start my day.


You guys all mentioned Cafe Du Monde so I thought I'd see what kinda taste all my Flickr friends have.


I ordered a Cafe Au Lait and a plate of Beignets.


'Beignets' is a french word that translates roughly to 'a scrumptuous pillow of dough like a doughnut without a hole in it covered in a copious amount of powdered sugar,'


Man those things were good.


So much better than an early morning jog.


I don't know about the coffee though...


it's that 'chicory' thing...


it's another French word... which I translate roughly as 'tastes like licking a French woman's armpit after she's been jogging.'


Still... I decided to work around the unpleasant taste of chicory since I really needed the caffeine.


I knocked back the whole thing...


cursing with each rancid gulp how anyone could ruin perfectly good coffee by adulterating it with the 'sweaty armpit flavor' of chikory,,,


a relative of the dandelion plant I think.


In my research... which by now you know consists entirely of shit I make up... hear in bars... or find in Google searches...


I found that chicory was used to 'cut' coffee during times of scarcity when coffee was in short supply...


like during world wars...


apparently some people got hooked on the 'armpit like flavor' and they sure seem to sell a lot of that stuff at 'Cafe Du Monde'...


which is another French word that means 'come here and eat some tasty fried dough pillows dusted in powdered sugar and curse our coffee after drinking three of those Nawlin's Slurpees' and wakin' up feelin' the room spinnin.'


Those Beignets were some good stuff.


I popped the poor defenseless waitress as she walked out of the kitchen because I figured

she wouldn't take a swing at me.


Although for a second I thought I was gonna get 'powdered sugar bombed' with a few Beignets and a Cafe Au Lait thrown in...


but love and light prevailed.


I gotta connect with this city.


Tonight's gonna be the night.


I can feel it.











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Taken on March 27, 2012