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Weird Weird Weekend | by Viewminder
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Weird Weird Weekend

I like this photograph.


It really kind of accurately represents my weekend.


A dude in a tiara fedora yelling at me.


And I love how the shot came out.


Humans are just like animals.


Even crazier because we are animals and we forget that.


So we don't overtly listen to the animal voices inside us all of the time.


Maybe we ignore them.


Maybe we've forgotten the language.


I'm very sensitive to changes in the barometer...


changes in barometric pressure.


I've broken quite a few bones and they don't like the sudden or steep drops in the pressure of our atmosphere.


It hurts.


But it's what sudden atmospheric pressure drops do to my mind that fascinates me.


When the pressure drops quickly I get a feeling of anxiety.


I don't know why this is.


I feel like I better be careful... that I should be doing something I'm not... just anxious in general.


I've got a sweet antique German recording barometer on my desk...


and sometimes when I'm feelin' that anxiety I'll look over at it and see that the pressure's dropped radically.


Which is good because I'm usually wondering what's bothering me just about then.


A great drop in barometric pressure generally means that some shitty weather is coming.


Rising pressure means good weather's on it's way... but it's only dropping pressure that negatively affects me.


The faster it falls and the steeper it drops the worse it's gonna be... both the weather and my anxiety.


Is it the animal in me telling me to get ready for it?


To make sure I got enough nuts and berries and an adequate shelter ready?


Having become aware of that I've noticed that the animals are really sensitive to the same thing.


This weekend marked a big change in the weather here in Chicago.


It was 'for the better.'


I thought that the sweet atmospheric change would bring a great feeling of love to the streets.


I was wrong.


It's been a long time since I've looked at the contents of a memory chip and seen so many 'hands' or turning heads or outright hostility directed at yours truly.


I wondered why.


It was so nice out.


I had a great attitude and I wore my killer zebra shoes.


I was personaly filled to love overflowing.


The temperature was gorgeous... we are into the waning gibbeous moon... we'd just had a full moon on Thursday...


It all seemed like it promised to be a night on the streets filled with love, sweet vibes and positive connections.


It wasn't though.


People were snappy, agitated, they didn't like the personal space invasions... they were both physical and verbal in their objections.


I hadn't seen that in a long time.


I wonder if those wicked solar flares had anything to do with it.


They'd just slammed into Earth with their energy storms a few days before.


The cold of weeks past made people hustle but they're generally cool and calm in the streets and there's a certain comraderie among people for surviving the brutal cold of Chicago's winter.


It makes 'brothers' of us all.


But the human mojo was all over the spectrum on the streets Saturday night.


Plenty of love on on one end of the spectrum... plenty of hostility and agitation on the other.


It was weird.


Weird things happened.


My friend that works in a nursing home told me a lot of people kick it during the change in seasons.


And when I say 'kick it' I mean 'relax eternal.'


Maybe that's just it.


Maybe human kind has a hard time coping with change.


Even if it is for the better.


I get cranky when yahoo changes my email page or flickr changes how I see my contacts pictures or my favorites.


I'm getting old.


That makes me like change less.


I feel those stories comin' on already...


'When I first used the internet they didn't even have pictures... we had 'Compuserve' and we loved it.'


I get a good feel for 'society' shooting on the street.


I get 'intimate' with a lot of people in a short period of time.


It's a good way to sample the societal 'mojo factor.'


Change is in the air my friends.


And some people were out celebrating that change... happy... optimistic and confident.


While some people were unnerved and agitated and they didn't seem to know why.


Those people tend to drink harder and faster.


Between the two extreme ways of dealing and coping with this change is a chasm a mile wide.


When the philosophies meet there can be conflict.


It was really interesting to observe this weekend.


And I talked to a lot of people about it too.


They saw it as well.


The street is my teacher sometimes and this weekend it was for sure.


I learned something.


I'm always doing that.


I think what'll happen is that everyone's gonna settle in to spring... we're all gonna feel it and love it and get into the groove and the street's gonna be exhibitin' a lot of love soon.


I can feel it.


Everything's gonna be alright.


Prozac For Your Ears



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Taken on March 10, 2012