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Friday-Love! ~ Is That a Weasel in Your Pocket Edition | by Viewminder
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Friday-Love! ~ Is That a Weasel in Your Pocket Edition

You know...


when I look back at that moment I don't remember how it all happened.


It all went down so fast.


It was like taking some psychadellic drug and having a crazy dream after you fall asleep having knocked back half a bottle of Nyquil and using a Salvador Dali painting for a blanket and leaving the tv on after eating a burrito.


How's that for an effective metaphor?


You know I dig Friday-Love!


I'm cool with strange love too.


How about some Strange-Friday-Love?




Thassjuswhatchoo need.


Everybody loves some strange love every once in a while.


I think it was just after noon on the streets of Chicago.


That puts it closer to midnight if you go by Grenwich Mean Time.


But this guy...


I think he was celebratin' Bangkok's New Year.


Because he was twelve hours early if you go by my watch.


I'd bet all the money I got in the bank that there was no way he was awake for Chicago's New Year.


He was in the bag at noon.


Which is cool...


because he was walikin'...


and it was New Years Eve...


and because he was a friendly kind of drunk.


Now that I look back on it...


I think dude was out all night celebratin' New Years Eve Eve.


He asked me where Giordano's Pizza was.


Dude wanted some deepdish.


Chicago style.


That's the best deep dish there is.


Obviously the man had taste.


And a friend named Johnny Walker.


What happened next is gonna be a lot of fun for me and my hot therapist to work out over the next few months.


She reminds me of this teacher I had a crush on in the fifth grade.


I tell her that.


She never wants to talk about it though.


I think she has issues or something.


She's gonna like this one.


She tries not to smile when I tell her about all the weird shit that happens to me...


but I see it.


Secretly I think she wants to go out and shoot some street with me.


Let that 'inner bad girl' out.


'Did you pet the weasel' I can imagine her asking.


'How did the weasel make you feel?'


You know I hope you're feelin' the love today.


It's Friday.


Sweet Friday-Love all over you.


Good vibrations.


Strange love.


We made it through the holidays...




now it's time to getcher freak on and get out and feel the love!


Strange Friday-Love!


Cheese Weasel


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Taken on December 31, 2011