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These Hard Times | by Viewminder
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These Hard Times

When it comes to the holidays I've always felt for the people who are alone or really struggling in life.


I'm doin' alright...


I've got a good job...


my own home...


a wonderful family.


I've got everything I need and except for all of the rushing around during the holidays I really like to settle in and enjoy them with the people I love.


Seeing other people who aren't so fortunate is always moving at this time of year.


I get a little softer and make sure I'm carrying some small bills with me when I'm walking around.


Money doesn't mean that much to me...


maybe that's 'cause I've almost got enough of it and I'll probably get some more next week.


But a couple of bucks can mean so much to someone with nothing.


I don't care if they go across to the street to the bar and knock back a few with it...


I know I would...


I'd hafta numb the pain...


warm up from the cold...


escape the brutal realities of life for a moment.


Not that my life doesn't have any brutal realities.


I've got a few of those too...


it's just that I'm not gonna be cold and hungry tonight.


What I try to do more than throw a couple of Washingtons into their cups is to talk with them for a moment...


share a laugh and acknowledge them as a human being and an equal.


I've seen that light them up more than anything.


When a homeless guy insists on buying you coffee...


or buys you a drink...


he's relating to you as an equal.


It means something to every human being to be treated that way.


This guy had only one leg and he sat in a wheelchair on the corner of some of the priciest real estate in the city lookin' for 'spare change.'


It was cold out and we talked for a couple of minutes.


I always see myself in their eyes and that scares the hell out of me.


We're all on the same journey.


Let's take care of each other.




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Taken on December 11, 2011