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FRIDAY-LOVE! ~ All Caps Edition | by Viewminder
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FRIDAY-LOVE! ~ All Caps Edition

Did you see that?


What the hell happened back there?


Was that some crazy shit or what?


What a freakin' week!


Whose bright idea was it to put Christmas so close to the end of the year?






Crazy ass week.


I'm done with it.


How 'bout you?


I ain't even gonna look back on that one.


'Cause it's Friday.


Sweet mothra of gahd it's finally Friday.


Oh yeah.


You know what I'm feelin'?


I'm feelin' the love.


Sweet Friday love.


Warm and fuzzy like a box of cuddly kittens.


It's so good I'm practicin' my 'O' face.


It's that good.


I like how you smile after you say 'Friday.'


I guess you do the same thing when you say 'Monday.'


No you don't.


I just tried it.


See for yourself.


I feel happy just thinkin' about Friday.


Deep down inside.


It's that Friday-Mojo.


You know you dig it too.


Man it got busy at the mine all of the sudden.


Phones are ringin' like crazy.


Everyone wants product.




I'm thinkin' about makin' it a half day tommorow.


Because I can.


And because I think I could use a couple three more hours of Friday-Love.


You know what I'm sayin'?


I got no idea what I'm gonna do.


I know better than to make plans in this chaos.


It's gonna be shoppin' and wrappin', bakin' and...


acceptin' that I'll never get those Christmas cards out.


From a year ago.


Screw it.


I was thinkin' about convertin' to Judaism...


but I think you gotta buy more gifts for more days.


The little ones are lucky I don't have a lot of time.


Or I'd make them their Christmas gifts.


Out of popsicle sticks, colored yarn and felt.


And gobs of that white paste.


The stuff you used to eat in kindergarden.


Speakin' of gardens...


I could really use an hour or two in a beer garden.




make that a tequila garden.


With a Patron fountain.


Gimme three hours and a designated driver.


And summa those killer tacos from Flash Taco.


I feel good.


And I plan on feelin' better.


'Specially with THAT week in the rearview mirror.


They'll never take me alive.


I hope it's a lot less hectic for you my friend.


I hope you got some sweet plans layed down.


Getcherself ready to make merry.


Ringalittle jingle bell or two.


The weekend's here.


It's you-time.


It's me-time.


It's set-your-soul-free-time.


Let it sink in.


Love it, love it, love it.




Mmmmmmmm I hope you're feelin' the love.


Feel the love!


This Could Be the Day

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Taken on October 19, 2011