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The Chili Pipeline | by Viewminder
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The Chili Pipeline

We're all friends here right?


I don't try to hide my insanity from you guys.


I make no attempt to conceal my inner freak do I?


But this one...


I've been grappling with for a little while.


I need your help.


I don't know what to make of this.


It's that I've been having this recurring dream.


It's so vivid and real.


I wake up remembering the colors and the textures.


Even the smells and the tastes.


I've been having it for about six months I think.


You know I really like spicy foods.


The hotter the better.


And I love me some really good chili.


I've talked to my dog about this dream and she listens so intently.


Her brow furrows and she does that head tilt.


But that's all she's got for me.




in my dream there's this pipeline that brings chili to the United States from Canada.


Just like a pipeline that carries oil.


Only this pipeline is pumping lots of chili from the great north.


I don't know why I dream about the 'Chili Pipeline' but I do.


In the dream I've found this place...


where the pipeline comes above ground...


and there's this valve that doesn't have a lock on it...


I go there and I fill buckets up with this chili and I share it with my friends.


It's not great chili...


I'm always addin' spices and stuff to it...


then it's great chili.


What in the hell does this dream mean?


Everytime I go to the 'Chili Pipeline' I see people from the past... friends of mine that just happen to be walkin' by the 'Chili Pipeline' that day.


Inevitably they're wearing the clothes I saw them in last.


I'm always happy to point out that they can score some chili there too.


Usually after I spice up the chili we sit down and eat some and talk about old times.


The dream is almost always the same.


The people I encounter in it are different.


It's not like I'm chili deficient in my life.


I make chili whenever I want.


Great chili.


In the crock pot.


Just the way I like it.


There's no shortage of chili in my life.


The dream's not filling a void in that way.


I share chili with my friends on occasion.


I'm totally cognizant that I've created the 'Chili Pipeline' in my subconscious.


I've always believed that dreams are our subconscious trying to cope with something or trying to convey some message to us.


Obviously I have some pretty strange dreams.


Most of them I can pretty easily figure out the meaning of.


Most of them don't recur though either.


I need your help.


I'm reaching out to the flickrverse with this one.


What does the 'Chili Pipeline' mean?


Why is my subconscious using the 'Chili Pipeline' to convey some message to me?


It's not an unpleasant dream.


Although some of my friends don't think it's a good idea for me to be tappin' the 'Chili Pipeline.'


Most of them are just happy to see me and share some chili with me.


last night as I tapped the 'Chili Pipeline' I did it in a canoe.


The weird thing was that I paddled the canoe down the street... not in the water.


Like everytime I have the 'Chili Pipeline' dream I woke up laughing.


The 'street canoe' was just another funny aspect of it.


But as the morning wore on I wondered what it meant.


Maybe I better tell the good doctor about the 'Chili Pipeline.'


I'd just hate to have my shrink think I'm crazy you know?


Maybe you guys can help me figure out what it means?


The Chile Song

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Taken on November 25, 2011