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We were listening to a speaker at a 'speak-in' at the 'Occupy-Chicago' demonstration.


I'm really impressed with the organization of this demonstration.


Four Chicago Police cruisers rolled up...


The 'Viewminder Trouble Sensor' was goin' off pretty loudly in my head...


but the cops got out of their cars and found one of the guys at the rally in the orange vest...


and I heard the officer say to him 'hey... what's the plan for tonight?'


The cops wanted to know how the group was gonna march and where.


The police and the rally organizers were working together.


As far as the CPD goes it was quite a tender and respectful moment.


Almost brought a tear of joy to my eye.


There were no 'tune-ups' for anybody!


I haven't seen anything uncool go down with either the demonstrators or the police yet.


The demonstrators have been very respectful of people and property and the law.


The police have been very respectful of the demonstrators.


I heard 200 were arrested last night...


supposedly for setting up tents in Grant Park.


Those arrested said that even while in custody the police were professional and respectful.


That's the way it should work.


Settin' up a tent in Grant Park is illegal.


If you do it you gotta figure you might be spendin' a night at the old crossbar hotel.


It seemed like the demonstration's been growing.


I've been wondering how that'd pan out.


There seemed to be a little more energy goin' tonight too.


The drum circle was kickin' ass.


I had a lot of great conversations with so many different people from all over the place.


It's pretty encouraging to see such a diverse assembly of people come together in such a cool way.


I don't know what it all means yet...


but that mojo vibe's gotta mean something good for the future.

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Taken on October 16, 2011