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Bikenstein's Theory | by Viewminder
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Bikenstein's Theory

Tonight I finally caught up with Professor Bikenstein.


I've been wanting to talk with him about CERN's recent 'discovery'...


their claim they had clocked a neutrino going faster than the speed of light.


The Professor digs physics and we've talked a lot about alternative energy.


I wondered how he'd take the news.


Bikenstein dismissed it immediately as an inaccuracy in their clock.


It hasn't diminished his faith in the theory of special relativity one bit.


He didn't even wanna talk about it.


That's how he felt about their 'discovery.'




It was getting cold this evening and we couldn't talk for as long as I would have liked...


but Professor Bikenstein was gracious enough to let me do a little experimenting on him.


You know I've always been a big 'natural light' enthusiast.


Capturing closeup images of people on the street at night using only ambient light is not only a challenge that I love... it's been a passionate pursuit.


There's been this internal struggle going on within my psyche for awhile now.


That struggle ended today.


I went on a photowalk today with a bunch a flickr friends and John Cousert took the time to explain to me how he uses his flash off the camera.


I watched John take some pretty amazing pictures with that setup today.


He pushed me off of the fence and tonight I decided to play around with the off camera flash and see how it'd work on the street at night.


For all of the complexity it adds to the mojo goin' down...


man... it works and I think it works really well.


I think it brought out some of the magic in Professor Bikenstein in this photograph.


Ultimately photography is about the image.


I think I've just learned how to use flash off the camera in a way that'll fit in with my own philosophy of shooting street.


It's pretty cool to learn something new.


And I'm glad I held off until this point.


If I would have jumped on the concept earlier I wouldn't have forced myself to understand all of the dynamics of light on the street at night.


I've got a lot more to learn but like anything I do I'll jump into it headfirst and figure it out.


It has been an absolutely kick ass weekend of epic magnitude.


I hope you've been diggin' it too.


Damn that felt good.


Blinded by the Light


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Taken on October 2, 2011