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Dotan Negrin is Living His Dream

I've learned long ago that havin' a dream is what keeps me alive.


Dreams are something we think about... something we desire... something we really want to make happen... something that keeps us moving forward...


dreams to me are life.


A lot of people smash their own dreams for many reasons... self doubt... fatal realism... negativity... perceived impossibility, practical reasons, other people's opinions...


worst of all are the people who crush other people's dreams... the people I call the 'dream crushers'...


sometimes it seems so tough to keep the dream alive...


but every once in a great while you run into someone who's living their dream.


That was the night I met Dotan Negrin playing his upright piano on the sidewalk on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.


I've always given myself this one piece of advice, and I've always taken it... when you happen to run into someone who's living their dream... stop whatever you're doing and get to know them... learn why they're living their dream while everyone else is lucky just to be dreaming their dreams.


It is a very rare opportunity.


It was my first night back out shooting street in almost a month and I'd planned to cover a lot of ground Friday night.


That plan got tossed out the window the second I met Dotan.


It was a collision of two dreamers that spontaneously combusted into a celebration of dreams that I never saw comin'.


In the Land of Dreams

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Taken on September 2, 2011