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I never thought I would see the day when I would find myself saying that a photo of mine was inspired by Harry Potter hahaha.


As I sat in church this evening I found myself thinking about the 'Dark Mark', a serpent shaped mark on the wrist of the Death Eaters from the Harry Potter series.

Seeing the Mark on someone's wrist could tell you a lot about them. It would show that they were a Death Eater and a follower of Voldemort and that would, in turn, say a lot about their character, their nature and their values.

As Christians, what mark do we carry? Obviously (I hope) we don't need to carve crosses into our wrists for people to identify us, but are people able to see us and tell that our allegiances lie with Christ? Are others able to see that we are people of love? Do people know in an instant that we are living our lives for something beyond this fragile, temporary world?

I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this and I hate to leave a message unfinished, but I'm way tired and so I'm not thinking at my peak. I guess my main train of thought is this:

As you interact with the people around you, can they see that you carry the Mark of Christ?


It's funny, actually, because I'm part of a Christian guys' group on Facebook and earlier this evening I wrote something there that could perfectly apply to this picture as well, so here it is.


"Just some thoughts I've been having lately that might be helpful for some of you guys, I don't know:

This might sound like a ridiculous thing to declare, but I wouldn't exactly consider myself to be very manly. I have long curly hair (which I condition religiously), I pluck my eyebrows, the only sport I can play half-decently is table tennis, the only six-pack I've ever had was a six-pack of chocolate-topped ring doughnuts, most of my friends are girls and I'm actually quite intimidated by large groups of guys. I get a lot of "Man up!" etc, but what I've realised lately is that I don't need to put any stock in that phrase.

My identity does not lie in the world's view of 'manliness', my identity lies in Christ. I am not defined by what the world thinks a bloke should be like, I am defined by Christ's atoning sacrifice and my relationship with Him.

I guess I just want to encourage you that, if you're a bloke who struggles with the idea that you're not very 'manly' and thinks that that's an issue, remember where your identity lies and your whole perspective will be shifted."


I'm hoping to shoot an absolute tonne the next couple of weeks and then it'll be the European Flickr meetup and then I'll be back off to university and the posting shall become much less frequent again. I appreciate so greatly those of you who stick with me despite the total irregularity of my shooting and posting.


+5 in comment. Of the extras I particularly love the second and the fifth. Will probably upload the second at a later date.


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Taken on August 12, 2012