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One of my photographic niches is capturing those amazing neon motels signs that were in their heyday during the 1950s. You may not even notice they are out there anymore. Most of them are clustered on old avenues that were once highways before the creation of the Interstate System. Now, modern motel/hotels are clustered together near the massive offramp cloverleafs along the freeways, along side Applebees and Chilis restaurants.

Most people may not even remember when that wide avenue was once the main highway passing through their town, but some of these old motels remain, if only in a passing semblance. Many are now low-income apartments or simply closed down, only their unlit sign remains as a clue to their former glory.

A few years ago I took a few days to catalog the vintage motel signs along Highway 99 in Washington State. Already a number of those signs have succcumbed to development. I took the opportunity during this vacation to capture a few of those signs we saw along the way in hopes of cataloging them before they, too, fall to the wayside forever.

Mid Century Motels

Mid Century Motels

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