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Tschau Sparsau | by lido_6006
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Tschau Sparsau

Selten war eine politische Plakatkampagne in der Schweiz derart penetrant breitflächig und dazu noch so hart an der Grenze des Strafbaren (Rassistische Äusserungen in der Öffentlichkeit sind in der Schweiz strafbar).

Kein Wunder, dass diese Kampagne auch extreme Gegenreaktionen ausgelöst hat.

Nichtsdestotrotz ist auch das Verunstalten von Plakaten kein Höhepunkt politischer Kultur und bewirkt letztlich das selbe wie die SVP-Kampagne: die Verdrängung ernsthaft-sachlicher politischer Auseinandersetzung durch plakative Scheinlösungen.



Rarely before a political campaign on posters in Switzerland has been present as widespread on nearly every corner in cities and villages all over the country, and I can't remember a campaign so hard on the rim between legality and illegality (in Switzerland racist propaganda in public is a crime).

No wonder that this campaign has triggered a wave of extreme reactions, too. Far more than 3/4 of the many posters I've seen have been altered by (probably leftist) activists with graphical and/or text elements accusing the populist SVP party of racism or even nazism.

Nevertheless I think that modifying posters of the political opponent is not a highlight in political culture and will finally lead to exactly the same phenomenon as the SVP-campaign itself: a constructive political dialogue is replaced by pseudo solutions that sound simple but don't solve the problems.


P.S. 1 Parliamentary elections in Switzerland are scheduled for Oct, 21st, 2007


P.S. 2 The rightwing populist "Swiss People's Party" (Schweizerische Volkspartei SVP, Union Démocratique du Centre UDC, Unione Democratica del Centro UDC) is well known for its campaigns in favor of less public spending, often using a piggy-bank on posters. So the graphical modification on this poster, supported by the name (SVP) on the pig says: "kick out the racist SVP" (instead of "kick out the black sheep" in the original poster). The SVP-slogan "create [schaffen] security" has been altered (bold modification) to "abolish [abschaffen] racism". An evidently second modification changes "abolish" [abschaffen] to "[anschaffen]", which can be either translated as "to buy, to get something" or as "to work as a prostitute"


P.S. 3 My title "Tschau Sparsau" means "bye-bye piggy-bank" (tschau = usual phonetic way of writing "ciao" [italian for bye-bye] in German)


P.S. 4 The SVP party pretends they will save the real Swiss values. In reality their extremely provocative style is quite contrary to typically Swiss willingness to compromise and cooperate - which could be described as the essence and necessary base of the unique Swiss system of direct democracy: If the population may challenge all laws with referendums, the parliament simply must compromise to achieve a solid majority. If a major party and member of the coalition government does not cooperate, the system will be blocked (that's probably what they intend to do, but it will result in radical change, which they probably will not like)

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Uploaded on September 12, 2007