facebook Fixes IT?

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    Ah ha!!
    The facebook "story types adjustment "equalizer"" solves a problem and demonstrates that the other cluttering problems that many have complained about (with just about every social networking tool) are fixable. And fixable in a way that can be intuitive. Wow! Don't you love big brains in action? This isn't the ultimate solution to be sure, but it shows that there are rock solid legitimate solutions to this problem that are readily accessible and understandable to general users of social software.

    facebook is on top right now for quite a few reasons and this is yet another example of why. Good on ya' facebook!

    blogged here: www.libraryman.com/blog/2007/06/29/facebook-fixes-it/

    1. chrystiehill (itgirl) 113 months ago | reply

      maybe. i've played with this and i'm not sure i can tell the differences in delivery when i've moved the dials up and down. I've honestly wondered if it's just to make you feel like you have some control on what info you're getting, but haven't looked into it in any detail.

    2. libraryman 113 months ago | reply

      Nope. It works. Takes a bit or time to apply, but it does work. Well, rather, I should say that it works with my account. It may depend on how much tweaking and adding you've done as well? Interesting to think about. I'd really love to read the details on the programming/algorithm behind the functionality though.

    3. chrystiehill (itgirl) 113 months ago | reply

      maybe you be right, but here's my kooky example of it seemingly not working for me: i have asked for no (or i guess i should still say lowest) relationship status updates and i still learned yesterday that "liz kellison is no longer married" which was funny all by itself - so i guess i appreciated the LOL i got when i read it - but a few days ago it was andy havens, and before that ... etc. maybe FB /is/ giving me fewer of these than it did before, but it doesn't seem like it. i haven't done any actual checking however (like you did, thank you!) no matter, if it works for libraryman, it must work!!

      (also, if i sounded combative, didn't mean to!) i do absolutely agree with you that this is a cool attempt to answer to an age-old problem in social networks. maybe if it were more transparent about how it works (and what i'm really missing when i tweak that dial) i would be even more convinced...

    4. libraryman 113 months ago | reply

      Oh, it's not combative, it's fun and thoughtful! :)
      What excited me about this had very little to do with how accurately it lets you tweak things exactly the way you want to *right now* The *blamo* of it comes from the was it could be used going forward and that it does actually work. Kris left a functionality comment on the blog which was good to. I agree there are/will be issues, but the larger point is what to not miss imo.

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