• "A Glossary to help you and your library Keep Up!"
  • "Exercises to help you and your library Keep Up!"
  • Student PowerPoint handouts will be two-up double sided.
  • You prepared about 80 slides in total? - DaDaiErDai
  • 228 for the presentation.
    162 in the handout.
    A lot, I know, but they flow like a story and are very text light. Many are individual images that flow with and emphasize points in the presentation/story/conversation. The plan is to edit and adjust as seems appropriate after a couple of sessions.
  • What can I say? Wow wow wow wow wow! That's a lot!!! - DaDaiErDai

Keep Up! Workshop: Drafts I-XIV

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Finally, the first "public" presentation of this full day workshop is Monday in San Diego at National University! Most every class has filled to capacity, extra dates were added when possible and a second round of workshops will soon be booked in the first part of 2006. Thanks to everyone that has signed up and expressed interest! I've worked really hard to make this a valuable workshop for you and your library, at least if the number of drafts are any indication! :)

  1. libraryman 114 months ago | reply

    Previous post with info about this workshop:

  2. crankbunny 114 months ago | reply

    woo hoo - looks like my desk!

  3. libraryman 114 months ago | reply

    It's actually the floor, 'cause my desk looks like this too! :)

  4. laracee 114 months ago | reply

    Only fourteen drafts? That's nothing, Michael! I'm sure you've got time before Monday to do a couple more.


    Actually, I just wish I could attend one of your workshops. Sounds like a lot of really great stuff...

  5. Caterpillar hunter 114 months ago | reply

    (Laughing) Libraryman, did you kill a few trees this week?

    I'm one to talk...my whole house and my office...desk, floor, tables, chairs...all look like this.

    I think the inside of my brain looks like this, too.

  6. neloqua 114 months ago | reply

    Wishing you success in your work!

  7. september gurls 114 months ago | reply

    um... lay off the highlighter...

  8. libraryman 114 months ago | reply

    You won't say that after class. At least I hope not!

  9. The Shifted Librarian 114 months ago | reply

    Rookie. 300+ slides in *my* presentation! :-P

    Of course, I don't usually give printouts of them, either. I let attendees print them out on their own afterwards. :)

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