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First Six Slides - Supposed to be funny...

There was/is a great little script on the WLA07 web page highlighting some of the conference keynote speakers at this event. As you can see from this image of the first few slides from my WLA07 presentation, I tried to make a joke about being jealous about not being one of the folks highlighted in the script. It included a made up this story about complaining about not being included in the script and then submitting the above, somewhat crazy looking picture of myself which was rejected rather rudely. It seemed like a funny idea, but truth be told, I was pretty nervous about the whole joke/skit/scenario being built into the actual presentation. What if it tanked and nobody laughed? Putting it in slide form made a real commitment to the whole thing!


Happily, it seemed to go over pretty well and people laughed pretty heartily. It was a huge relief, but you know, librarians are such nice folks I can’t help but wonder if they weren’t being a bit generous with their moral support. However, l definitely feel encouraged to try things like this a bit more in the future though and see how it goes. It was really fun to try something different and mix it up a bit. So, I guess the largest point of this post is that if you have been thinking of trying something new like this in a presentation or a meeting, I’d encourage you to feel emboldened and give it shot. If I’m there, I’ll give you moral support at least. ;)

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Uploaded on April 23, 2007