• Jonathan Adler Pillow
  • Jonathan Adler Pillow
  • A sculpture I made in art school a long time ago.
  • Petrified wood purchased on a work trip to Arizona.
  • Funky bears purchased in Sinapore.
  • looks nice but is it functional up here? - libraryann
  • Won in an eBay bidding war last month.
  • Linocut I made in college.
  • MY childhood teddy bear, Squeeky (it has a squeeker in it's paw).
  • Millet's "The Gleaners" wich I hope to have added to by a local artist who paints robots and sasquatches into old painting reproductions like this. So cool!
  • Gorgeous and affordable clock from Urban Outfitters.
  • Sculpture I bought in Papua New Guinea. :)
  • Todd Oldham light.
  • Soil, stone from SW Utah. Waiting for the containers to display these in.
  • Orca/PNW!! I hope to see them swim by someday from my window. :)
  • A sculpture/painting I bought in Venice a few years ago. Ahh, Venice!
  • A unique type of geode found in Montana. Given to me as part of a spekers gift for presenting at the Montana Education Association Conference last year.
  • Todd Oldham "wood" candles.
  • If it looks nice, it is functional. :)
  • Modigliani, Zingara con bambino. maybe a fake :-) - stef@nia
  • touche! and of course you are so right! - libraryann
  • Ikea curtains as room divider
  • Another Ikea curtain as room divider
  • Good eye! I love Modigliani's work so much! His painting of women are so amazingly beautiful.

Living Room - Decorated!

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Hello Ikea Hacker visitors! :)
Thanks, Jules!

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  1. libraryann ages ago | reply

    I like the teddy. And the weather chick.

  2. laracee ages ago | reply

    what a great space. I'd like to sit and read there... wonderful light too!

  3. Stephanie Gerding ages ago | reply

    I love this! Our family room has a built-in bookcase that we've filled with lovely things from our travels--just like you. I love that you've managed to catalog all your items! Inspiration, thanks! I'll put it on my to do list!

  4. Dr. Starr, geeky artist librarian ages ago | reply

    Heh, heh, "Ahh, Venice," indeed. Great quote, great city.

  5. giveawayboy 119 months ago | reply

    Perfect! Just perfect!

  6. JennRation Design 106 months ago | reply

    This room is awesome...Fantastic work!

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