Invite to Sell Pics On Getty via flickr

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    Are these invites common? You give up your copyright control and Getty can sell them to any company that pays, even if they make a product you wouldn't endorse. I know that for many that isn't a factor at all, but for me it means I'll very likely decline the invite. It likely goes without saying, but if you are a library and you get an invite like this, you'll likely want to decline the invite for myriad reasons. ESPECIALLY if there are patrons in the pics (though they require model releases for individuals in pictures).

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    1. bookbirdviv 75 months ago | reply

      I have to agree with you - losing control of who gets to use your pictures, regardles of their ethics is a huge concern. I was approached directly by one very small, local (Melbourne) company who I was more than happy to sell an image to - I was actually so happy to have their interest I would have given them the rights to use the image for free, but they insisted in doing it legally, and paid for the use of it. They produce quality Australian souvenirs sold in Botanical Gardens and used a picture of a Waratah - they even sent me a load of free bookmarks to hand out to friends - all with proper attribution back to me as photographer. Would this happen if you assigned your pictures over to Getty Images? I doubt it!

    2. libraryman 75 months ago | reply

      Agreed. I very freely let non-profits use my imges in print or web if they ask, give a small credit and send me print copies. I have to confess I did once let a commercial site use several images, but they were selling beer on-line and gave me a three month subscription to the beer of the month club. And it was really, really good beer! Other than that, all non-profits that I keep the right to (beyond the cc I pick).

      ps- ;)

    3. Bobbi Newman 74 months ago | reply

      FYI - You can turn off the option to even receive invites under your privacy and permissions tab. Of course you might want to just to see what they are interested in. ;-0

    4. libraryman 74 months ago | reply

      Exactly..on both points. :) Thx LbD. ;)

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