• Paisley shirt from Portugaul
  • Ponys
  • Asics
  • Roo's
  • A triptych (open) that I painted long, long ago. The other side looks pretty nifty too and helps tell the story.
  • Rock n' Roll Monkey shirt from Osaka
  • Librarian action figure
  • Todd Oldham star lights
  • I heart houseplants
  • A teeny part of my PEZ collection.
  • Kleenex box cover from Japan
  • Threadless.com t-shirt
  • Four Ikea lights stacked up. That's how I do it, baby!
  • Tony Bourdain's Le Halles cookbook
  • The lighting on this shot of me pretty much wrecks the image, but I know what I did wrong and won't do it next time.
  • Pumas
  • Unlisted Shoes

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Just wanted to give this type of Photoshop project a test run. May do another sometime that is more carefully thought out. There are some lighting and editing issues, but it was just for fun.

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  1. Kables ages ago | reply

    Nice. Rock 'n' Roll Monkey.

  2. libraryman ages ago | reply

    There is a flick group called "Multiple Personalities" for these kinds of photos.

    My favortie shot like this is here though:

  3. Aphrodite M ages ago | reply

    Now this is a MASTER COLLAGE!! Oooh, I am impressed. And that pez collection just tops it off!! More, please!

  4. amy_kearns ages ago | reply

    that is cool! wow!

  5. stagewhisper ages ago | reply

    funny funny. great colors, too.

  6. hearman ages ago | reply

    This is a fun photo, looks like you are a photoshop master, I have an older version but have never spent the time to figure it out, I use Picture It, seems simpler to me but I am sure that it has its limits. I had an old, small version of PS that came with a HP 500 printer that I loved, it had an erase function that worked well, I couldn't get that to work with XP and have not found one as good, probably is in PS. Enjoy you photos.

  7. Miss Plum ages ago | reply

    i love the theme of it.

  8. Geir Halvorsen ages ago | reply

    Librarian action figure??? lol!!!

    But a good collection is very nice to have! To cite Douglas Adams (I think): "You're never alone with a rubber duck." Nor with a good collection...

  9. Olivia Leigh ages ago | reply

    Cool composite. I like the Portugal shirt, and Tony Bourdain. I love Tony Bourdain. He's such a badass chef.

  10. SeenyaRita ages ago | reply

    Pez collection! love it.

  11. February 28 [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I believe in the power of your objects

  12. crankbunny ages ago | reply

    you have the bourdains cookbook! have you done any of the recipes? (i'm still working on getting my mieze together... hence the stocks...)

  13. libraryman ages ago | reply

    I have not tried anything from the book yet. Yet. I almost never use cookbooks though. Been too busy lately to stray from the old favorites or super easy new things, which is lame, I know. It is a relaxing book to read though. I plan to start cooking more in the Spring. You come to LA and we'll cook!

  14. crankbunny ages ago | reply

    i defently enjoy reading his stuff... (not sure how relaxin it is... he's constantly screaming at you about being sent to hell for the use a garlic press, or a dull cheap knife, etc etc)

    I also prefer the easy no fuss of what i usually cook. You'll need to come to nyc for the cookoff - cause i refuse to return to LA. (thumbs down.. boooo!).

  15. The Shifted Librarian ages ago | reply

    Damn - all this time I've been working on how to clone myself and you've beaten me to it! Either this is a special power of the LibraryMan, or OCLC really is out on the forefront.... Nice job!

  16. Paisley Belle ages ago | reply

    LOL...love the paisley shirt

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