U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 45, World War I Photograph Collection
This selected set of photographs is from the Library of Virginia's U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 45, World War I Photograph Collection. The complete collection includes 172 (3 x 5 inch) film negatives and an album containing 134 photographs and 47 postcards.

U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 45 was organized at the Medical College of Virginia and commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart McGuire. Base Hospital No. 45 was supposed to be far behind the front lines but it was actually within a few miles of the front and served not just as a base hospital but as a triage and evacuation hospital. Within two weeks of a major United States offensive in September, 1918, 8000 casualties arrived. The mortality rate was one of the lowest of any of the military hospitals of that time; Dr. McGuire was awarded the French Medal of Honor as well as the Distinguished Service Cross from the United States Government.

Many of the photographs in the album were taken by Benjamin Alston Stimson when he worked in the x-ray department of Base Hospital 45 at Toul, France in 1918. The photographs include views of the hospital, doctors, nurses, soldiers, and nearby towns. Some of the images appear in a book about the hospital titled History of United States Army Base Hospital No. 45 in the Great War, published in 1924 by the William Byrd Press in Richmond, Virginia.
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