Mystery Pictures - Solved!
TERRIFIC! We asked for help on Dec. 24th to identify 22 travel views. Within a few days, Flickr members had identified every single photo. With: great confirmation from old & new pictures, links to maps, and more. Even the scenes that turned out to be printed in reverse didn't slow you down!

With a special shout out to epicharmus, trialsanderrors, and whyaduck for bringing related photochrom views and new numbering pattern clues into view.

Here's just one example of how well the group effort worked:

France and the Mediterranean coast were the likely locations for these 22 travel views, called photochroms, from ca. 1900. They were the only pictures in a collection of 6,000 that arrived without the usual gold-printed titles along a bottom edge.

For more information about photochroms, see
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