Hon. Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States (LOC)

Walker, Lewis E., 1822-1880, photographer.


Hon. Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States


[Washington, D.C. : E. & H.T. Anthony], ©1865 Feb.


1 photographic print on stereo card : albumen silver ; mount 8.2 x 17.1 cm.



"The short haircut was perhaps suggested by Lincoln's barber to facilitate the taking of his life mask by Clark Mills. Lincoln knew from experience how long hair could cling to plaster." "An 1865 stereograph long attributed to Mathew Brady was actually taken by Lewis Emory Walker, a government photographer, about February 1865 and published for him by the E. & H. T. Anthony Co., of New York." (Source: Ostendorf, p. 198-9)


Published in: Lincoln's photographs: a complete album / by Lloyd Ostendorf. Dayton, OH: Rockywood Press, 1998, p. 197.


Title from item.

Purchase; 1909; (DLC/PP-1909:43670).


Related names:

E. & H.T. Anthony, publisher.



Lincoln, Abraham--1809-1865.


Format: Albumen prints--1860-1870.



Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.


Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.print


Persistent URL: hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/ppmsca.18958


Call Number: PH - Anthony (E), no. 1



  • james anthony gue lee han 6y

    I am working on an animation. my own tribute to 200.a birthday he shares with Darwin and my daughter. He was truly an epic hero.

    lincoln's last portrait
  • NuNu ツ 6y

    Yes the hair is nice! and leave the ears alone lol.
  • Shawn Wolfe PRO 6y

    I'm fairly certain he was a werewolf.
  • Marlon Kuhnreich 6y

  • Bret Scovill PRO 6y

    It is not until one sees the figure in three dimensions, that one realizes what a big man he was.
  • Andy Chase 6y

    I didn't know there were any stereoscopic views of President Lincoln - for all of our advances in imaging technology, there's nothing quite like stereoscope cards to bring old subjects to life.
  • thunderinghart PRO 6y

    punk-rock do! I like it!
  • Kyle DeMilo 6y

    "Damn kids today with their rock-n-roll hair..."
  • Peachhead (3,000,000 views!) PRO 6y

    If his hair was cut short for his life mask, as mentioned above, he probably kept it longer because it may have been coarse and wiry and he didn't want it to look like this. Hair like this will lay flatter when it is longer. Or it could be that he was trying something different.
  • Brendan Falkowski 6y

    I love the cross-eyed trick.
  • Paul Long PRO 6y

    Here's a quick animated GIF that gives you an idea of the stereoscopic effect. I could fix the blown-out right side and the physical deterioration but wanted to uploaded it and get to bed...

    (time passes) ...Well, I didn't go to bed after all but instead made a reverse stereographic image that you can see by crossing your eyes.

    (next morning) Here's a "3D," red-and-blue, anaglyph of the same image.
  • hobvias sudoneighm PRO 6y

    jiggly lincoln by striatic

    i made a video version of the gif.
  • Александр Солонович 6y

    I remember seing Lincoln's picture 2-axes (4 equal squares) devided and mouse-move-oriented with flash and actionscript. Kind of a "gummy" animation... First time I've seen it I had found it quite unusual and uncommon...
  • angineer 6y

    Wow, the 3D effect is so cool!
  • Rod Serling Rules 6y

    Mr. Lincoln had Marfan Syndrome, as did his descendants, one feature of which is abnormal auricles (external ears). He had many other features of Marfan Syndrome as well. I was fascinated to learn from links on Kottke.org that Mr. Lincoln had a skull fracture of his forehead at age 10 as a result of a horse's kick, and he survived. What an amazing person!
  • jon madison PRO 6y

    @Rod... they made them *tough* back then!
  • B. Forrester 6y

    LIncoln invented "Magnum" and "Blue steel". The US first international male model. Lincoln is so hot right now!
  • James Morley PRO 6y

  • L Church 6y

    I have added this image (as a stereo card animation) to clicksypics.com, and added this photostream to the links. Thanks for posting this great image!
  • astromood 3y

    It actually works better if you do the opposite of crossing your eyes, look through the picture, as if you were looking at something way off in the distance. It's not as easy as crossing your eyes but the 3d effect is better.
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