Fuad Pacha (LOC)

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    Bain News Service,, publisher.

    Fuad Pacha

    [between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915]

    1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.

    Title from unverified data provided by the Bain News Service on the negatives or caption cards.
    Forms part of: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).

    Format: Glass negatives.

    Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

    Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.print

    General information about the Bain Collection is available at hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.ggbain

    Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL): hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/ggbain.12221

    Call Number: LC-B2- 2598-1

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    1. logista 78 months ago | reply

      Interesting... a NY Times article from 1902 says that Fuad Pacha was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for sedition. NY Times

    2. ccurtiz 78 months ago | reply

      That was an interesting article. You would have never guessed buy looking at all his accomplishments so neatly displayed.

    3. sakraft1 78 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Medals & Decorations, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    4. swanq 78 months ago | reply

      There seem to have been several people with the name Fuad Pasha or Fuad Pacha. [These transliterations appear to be interchangeable.] And it's hard to figure out which might be the same and which this might be. The NYT article cited above suggests that that Fuad Pacha was imprisoned for collaborating with the Young Turks. If so, he might have been free and active again by the period of the Bain collection, since Abdul Hamid II was deposed in 1909. Could this possibly be the same as en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuad_Pacha ?

      From Wikipedia, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuad_Pasha , Fuad Pasha (1815 – 1869) was a Turkish statesman known for his leadership during the Crimean War and in the Westernization movement within the Ottoman Empire. He gets lots of hits in the NYT, and has a name authority record at LoC as Mehmed Fuad Pasa but this photo seems unlikely to be him.

      books.google.com/books?id=t_uhI1J7AIgC&pg=PA153 identifies two Fuad Pashas, one a governor of Hijaz in 1909, and the other a "Tanzimat statesman." Dates in en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanzimat suggest it would be Fuad Pasha (1815–1869) who was the Tanzimat statesman. Perhaps this photo is of the other.

      Yet another Fuad Pasha (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuad_I_of_Egypt) became Sultan of Egypt and Syria in 1917 and King of Egypt in 1922. He was born in 1868 and died in 1936.

      The only mentions of "Fuad Pasha" in the NYT in the 1910-1915 period identify a Field-Marshal Fuad Pasha, leading Turkish forces in 1912. There are no hits for "Fuad Pacha" in that period.

    5. dlmanrg 69 months ago | reply

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    7. B-59 10 months ago | reply

      This photo was in the The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 24, 1912, SECTION FIVE, Image 73 with the caption "Fuad Pasha is one of the few Turkish generals who has not lost prestige in the present war." (oregonnews.uoregon.edu/lccn/sn83045782/1912-11-24/ed-1/se...).

      A photo of the same man in The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, December 24, 1916, SECTION FOUR, Image 38 has the text " IT IS reported that Fuad Pasha will be made Minister of Turkey to the United States if the allies will let him come over."

    8. B-59 10 months ago | reply

      It seems to be another man than Fuad Pasha, the ruler of Egypt, see photo in The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, March 19, 1922, Magazine Section, Image 90, oregonnews.uoregon.edu/lccn/sn83045782/1922-03-19/ed-1/se....

    9. B-59 10 months ago | reply

      Obviously it's Deli Fuad Pasha (1835 - 1931), his Turkish wikipedia entry: tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deli_Fuad_Pa%C5%9Fa

      A short biography is in "Circassian History" by Kadir I. Natho, page 457, books.google.com/books?id=eE2pDLgibVoC&pg=PA457&l...

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