• Rice Krispies - Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches
  • Well, potatoes take forever to go off ... so "old" could mean a couple of weeks, and people would still buy them. - Olivia Elmiger
  • are you people joking? 'New' obviously means 'new potatoe' as in the type of potatoe and not it's age! - fotorich.com
  • The crazy thing is that high-end boutique stores, deli's and cafe's now create this look and feel to market themselves as more hip.

    Funny that this was the run of the mill, normal MO. :) Love it. Wish it had been exposed a little longer. - M. Bitter
  • New potatoes are potatoes that are freshly harvested. They are the same variety as "old" potatoes, which have simply been in storage. Really. - Jean Knowles
  • These look like seeds for planting, but I can't see what they are... food or flowers - hmschott
  • They look like flower seeds but given the date I would have thought they would be vegetables for a Victory Garden. - Shuey Nio
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  • ? Strawberries? - hmschott
  • 70 cents in inflation-adjusted 2007 dollars. Still a good deal. - drkblake
  • Note to I.M.Bitter, who wishes it had been exposed longer: right click the photo to your computer, and you can add exposure to your heart's delight. - Wystan
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  • Copenhagen is still around. Vile stuff. - TheKMF
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  • does that say "did you say 10 cents? MODEL smoking tobacco" ... im vury cunfuzzled - monika.is/infinite
  • How do people not know that "New Potatoes" are a variety of potatoes? It's not referring to the age! - girlyroxx
  • Es parecidisima a una tienda de la calle Mayor de Hondarribia. - andre.madalen

[Grand Grocery Co.], Lincoln, Neb. (LOC)

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Vachon, John,, 1914-1975,, photographer.

[Grand Grocery Co.], Lincoln, Neb.


1 slide : color.

Date based on LC-USF35-266.
Title from FSA or OWI agency caption.
Formerly identified as Gilead, Ohio.
Photograph shows Rice Krispies cereal boxes in window below oranges; Better Loaf flour sacks at left next to sign for: New & large potatoes, 6lb. 23, apples, delicious, 4lb. 25.
Transfer from U.S. Office of War Information, 1944.

Grocery stores
United States--Nebraska--Lincoln

Format: Slides--Color

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA, hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.print

Part Of: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Collection 11671-28 (DLC) 93845501

General information about the FSA/OWI Color Photographs is available at hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.fsac

Higher resolution image is available (Persistent URL): hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/fsac.1a34273

Call Number: LC-USF35-268

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  1. Giorgio50 [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    great capture , compliment

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    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called artland, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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  4. nssel 59 months ago | reply

    amazing! good work

  5. Brandon P.. 56 months ago | reply

    Beautiful colors, I wish current day film could reproduce images like this.

  6. oknation 56 months ago | reply


    I think this is worth joining.

  7. Nathalia Wichan [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

    Great photograph!

  8. Bernardo Gaetani 46 months ago | reply

    Incredible shots! I loved the colours!

  9. kodaksights 43 months ago | reply

    Good photo
    God foto
    جيدة التصوير الفوتوغرافي
    Hình ảnh tốt
    Gutes Foto

  10. llboyd7 42 months ago | reply

    goes to show you how much the government is lying/uninformed in their inflation data. By the U.S. Gov't calculation, oranges would only cost about $0.16 in 2011 dollars. The only pres candidate that gets this (and has been preaching it for decades) is Ron Paul.

  11. Norskejenta1 [deleted] 41 months ago | reply

    Great Photo of the Past. Reminds me of Otto Anderson's Candy store , only instead of Fruit in the Window he had CANDY !! Great Color.

  12. tonyrelys 38 months ago | reply

    I don't think that's where the YMCA is now. The YMCA is on the odd numbered side of the block. If the grocery store's address was 1000 P Street, it was across from the YMCA where the Embassy Suites now takes up the entire block. The YMCA is an old building, and may have even co-existed with this grocery store. The grocery was probably at the northwest corner of 10th and "P," across from the bus station and diagonal from the old courthouse.

  13. artland 32 months ago | reply

    This is a wonderful shot!
    You are invited to post it to:


  14. yannisdrak 10 months ago | reply

    Very good shot !

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