Teresa Jaynes The Moon Reader September 4, 2014 - October 10, 2014new album
Created by Philadelphia artist Teresa Jaynes, The Moon Reader is modeled after 19th-century primers in the Michael Zinman Collection of Printing for the Blind at The Library Company of Philadelphia. The multimedia installation invites participants to learn to read Moon, a raised-letter writing system for the blind invented by blind educator William Moon in 1845. The Reader includes two handmade books. One set in Moon Type with embossed illustrations and a translation set in both Braille and large print. An audio recording accompanies the pair. The activity – deciphering, translating and finally comprehending – will be a serene act of discovery. The Moon Reader seeks to challenge participants’ ideas about visual culture, in ways that elicit curiosity, humor, and empathy and to expand their understandings of historical and contemporary connotations of sight.
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