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Inspired by the movie "UP" and also by this picture by the uber cool and awesome Elsiecake.


This picture has been in my head for months but as it happens the timing was never right. The weather, other commitments, no time, etc. Every time we would drive by this spot I would sigh, which drove my husband crazy I am sure. Fortunately, one day the stars aligned and I could finally take the picture. So we go get the balloons and soon after we drive off the suckers start popping, they guy inflated them a bit too much. Rats. I assure my husband that it's OK but since he is such a darling he turned around and went back to the store. I went in to buy some more but the guy gave them to me for free. Score. We then get the doll house and head to the spot. Let me preface this by telling you that the winds had been absolutely calm the entire day. My husband had advised that I take the picture earlier since the winds were calm, but nooo, I had to wait for the light to be juuust right, ahem. So we get up the little hill and guess what? SO WINDY all of a sudden! There was cussing. And then what else happened? More balloons popped and the ones that did not pop got all tangled. More cussing. So as I was about to give up, the wind died down and I snapped 10 million pictures. It did not have as many balloons as I wanted but I still like it. At one point I ended laying on the grass on an ant pile or something because my husband says I had tiny bugs crawling on me. I did not feel a thing but he says he saw it but did not dare tell me anything let he distract me. So I got my picture and we head home (all 50 steps away) and then I suddenly realize MY LEGS ARE ON FIRE. When I looked down all I saw were red bumps and OH MY GRAVY they itched. So into the shower I went and some hydrocortisone later I was fine. Fine and happy because this picture was finally out of my head. And because my husband rocks, even if he does not tell me I have bugs on my legs haha ;)


The end.






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Taken on April 5, 2011