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Men in a Box (What is your favorite????)


Ok... here it goes..

Probably it is was I wanted for the inicial idea of this ironic series of Self-portrait...

It is not perfect.. it will never be.. My pictures are not perfect.. I try to make it REAL.. but anyway I followed most of your suggestions from the last version..so THANK YOUUUUUU!


I can see it as a Transparent Building where we can see people in their lives, in their stereotips and activities.. everyday, any time..


There would be thousands of Other situations that I could show here.. but these ones maybe are interesting...


The Meaning is: In this modern world.. a lot of people seems to be living in a Box, with their minds, body and soul... And I think that sometimes is necessary to go out of the Box and breath... get the sunlight and see the life out there...


It is a long history.. maybe one day, maybe with my next photographs I will try to explain better what I feel..


Anyway.. maybe it is not Original, (There are some other similars, I know) but this project is fantastic.. I had a lot of fun to create it and.. while I was working on it.. I had the idea to make it with my Girlfriend.. as Real life scenes of the day-by-day.. but this is another history..


So it is.. I hope you like it.. I love it!


Most of this characters I see looking at the apartments in front of my window everyday.. some others I know people exactly like that.. and some of others are created by my imagination.


This people together will be the Big Box.. the World where we live...


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Uploaded on October 20, 2006