The Libby Hall Collection
Low resolution images from my books: published by Bloomsbury. All rights reserved.

Scans from 'Postcard Dogs' and 'Prince II' were done only for purposes of layout and are of poor quality. I have no scans at all from my first book: 'Prince'. There are also some wonderful images from 'Prince II' for which I have no scans. The only way those images can be seen is in the books themselves. or from the Bishopsgate Institute to whom I have given the collection.

The titles I've given the photographs here on Flickr are, for the most part, meaningless. Just titles invented because the computer files needed titles. In my books I have purposely never given the photographs titles or, where possible to avoid them, captions.

3rd September 2011 - There is now a new book of my favourite photographs from the collection available from Blurb.

I have not added anything on to Blurb's basic price. I just want to continue to be able to share the photographs with high quality printing..
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