the eagle MTB park
eagle mountain bike park, set in the old eagle on the hill quarry reserve, leawood gardens, mount lofty ranges, south australia

the park is set on the steep western scarp of the ranges, and varies in altitude between 330 and 490m, giving plenty of opportunities for great contour trails and some fine downhills - i've included an approximate altitude (based on the relevant 1:25 000 map) for each of the placing shots

tracks are graded as green (beginner/general), blue (intermediate), and black (bring a change of underwear!)

all shots taken with a canon ixus 90is, because in my experience DSLRs and mountain-biking don't mix! but then i decided to take my 'proper' camera to an event

my photo locations transposed on the official park map

the original map

bicycle sa
office for recreation and sport

eagle MTB park event march 29th 2009
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