• This folder has nothing to do with the meeting. It is full of bearer bonds, porsche repair reciepts, and angry diatribes about northern california. - Philip Fibiger
  • hippie slacker. he needs a haircut. - Philip Fibiger
  • leonard backed out of the deal. they found his replacement wandering the streets of sunnyvale. - Philip Fibiger
  • next: google.yahoo.com? - Philip Fibiger
  • To-do: bid on upcoming.COM. - Philip Fibiger
  • note: buy more purple and yellow post-it notes, we are running dangerously low. - Philip Fibiger
  • Norman Shi rocks. - Simon Willison
  • note removed by management. - Philip Fibiger
  • file patent for "weekend highlighting" - Philip Fibiger

First Meeting

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Meeting #1

  1. gknauss ages ago | reply

    "OK. First thing we'll need is an exclamation point after the name..."

  2. Tom Coates ages ago | reply

    I'm thinking a question mark would be cooler.

  3. lhl ages ago | reply

    We'll compromise and go with an interrobang‽

  4. rtubb99 79 months ago | reply

    Thanks for allowing me to use this image under Creative Commons license. I used it in my blog post - 3 Good Reasons to attend your local User Group Meeting - tubb.co/x2o19z

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