Improved Retweet Avatars

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    This greasemonkey script modifies how avatars are displayed for Twitter's new Retweet functionality into something that I think makes more sense: the retweeter's avatar (whom you are following) is restored to the primary view, and an inset is added for the retweet source.

    You can install it via:

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    1. Rev Dan Catt 64 months ago | reply

      Yes, this is how it should be done, yay for greasemonkey (and you)

    2. jkottke 64 months ago | reply

      This is the obvious solution, but it's already in use on Twitter Search for replies, which is maybe (probably?) why they didn't do it this way in the first place.

    3. Eric Mill 64 months ago | reply

      Displaying both avatars is definitely the right move...though I'd prefer their primacy to be reversed. The thing that I like about the new retweet system is that you get surprised by who might appear in your feed, it takes you out of your comfort zone. I'd like to keep that, while still seeing an immediate association with the retweeter.

      Maybe I'll modify your userscript to do that...

    4. capndesign 64 months ago | reply

      @jkottke That's a good point, but I think that's more of a reason *to* do it. I think that convention can safely stand for 'action on another person's tweet' without confusion.

    5. lhl 64 months ago | reply

      Eric: yeah, would be trivial to do the reverse, there are a few lines to swap around w/ the css and injection. pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to muck around.

      And you're right that it probably makes more conceptual sense to reverse it since the messenger isn't allowed to make commentary ... but having your friend's avatar bigger just seemed like the "right" thing to do in terms of the "why am i seeing this" factor...

      Jason: As a preexisting convention of relating conversations I'm w/ capndesign that it makes it even more sense. (of course, I've already put my foot on the ground there).

    6. eduo 64 months ago | reply

      I also prefer seeing the focus on the retweeted user rather on the retweeter. After all that's supposed to be the whole point of the retweet and, as Eric says, it throws you off and makes you look, which is probably the reason it was retweeted in the first place.

    7. Mat Honan [deleted] 64 months ago | reply


    8. thincvox 64 months ago | reply

      hold up, you read your tweets on ;)

    9. lhl 64 months ago | reply

      daniel: yeah, it's of limited use, but i figured writing a fix/proof of concept in GM would be a lot more useful/productive than whining about how the new RT was broken (Remy Sharp posted about RT behavior: - they don't show up in API clients at all right now I believe...)

    10. lhl 64 months ago | reply

      BTW, updated to 1.1 now. Fixed a bug if "you" retweeted. Also added an option "inset_retweeter" that if toggled will flip the avatars.

    11. Eric Mill 64 months ago | reply

      Oh, that's perfect, thank you Leonard!

    12. StarrGazr 64 months ago | reply

      This is a MUCH better implementation that what Twitter is providing.

    13. Stef Sull 64 months ago | reply

      I really don't care about the avatars, though the overlay is a nice touch. What I care about is getting to COMMENT on what I retweet. I don't see a way around that which makes the new retweet worthless to me. =\

    14. Pascal Van Hecke 64 months ago | reply

      Amazing... posted the same idea yesterday (inspired by the way Thwirl shows @replies)... and it turns out someone actually had implemented it one week before!

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