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    in Times Square

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    1. Kathryn Yu ages ago | reply

      awesome! that's port authority, there, on 42nd and 8th. they are always showing the most irritating advertisements, so somehow the BSOD is somewhat soothing.

    2. jkottke ages ago | reply

      I saw the same sign, probably about an hour later. Tried to Flickr it, but it didn't go through for some reason.

    3. scottjohnson ages ago | reply

      I have been waiting for a pic like this for a while now. It was bound to happen. BSODs have shown up everywhere from ATMs to airports. But this is the first HUGE occurrence that I have seen.

    4. jmacias ages ago | reply

      Personally, I think Leonard is behind it.

    5. FireBeyond ages ago | reply

      Not bad at all, but I think this one in Melbourne, Australia, still has it beat:

    6. lhl ages ago | reply

      Achromatic, nice, I remember that. It's sad that this one is running XP and still bluescreening. You can actually read the kernel panic message: KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR

      (You can read it clearly on the original size, but even w/ a Pro account, u/ling 3K images is still excessive :)

    7. jmason ages ago | reply

      that is a gigantic BSOD!

    8. sixfoot6 ages ago | reply

      Nice catch, dude.

    9. ed_hidalgo ages ago | reply

      Hah, when i thought i saw all related to windows errors on big screens, this was so refresing to me, awesome job.

    10. don_flickr ages ago | reply

      That is great - the Microsoft PR team is hard at work.

    11. JimXugle 117 months ago | reply

      Donnie Jeter... "Yeh... it's uhh... umm... A Feature! yeh it's one of our more advanced features"

      Cant wait for somthing critical running windows to get infected. Like The US mint. We could have $1 bills that have CATS on them With "AYBABTU" written where "one Dollar" should be

    12. ItsAllVerbatim [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

      What debauchery...

    13. tiffgrif 108 months ago | reply

      Nice! You should add this to the Public Computer Errors group:

    14. Daryl Glenn 83 months ago | reply

      That a windows xp bsod not a vista

    15. Daryl Glenn 83 months ago | reply

      Bad xp bad xp bad xp bad xp bad xp bad xp bad xp bad xp bad xp

    16. henrikcederblad 78 months ago | reply

      epic… in a sense, almost beautiful.

    17. steelliott80 68 months ago | reply

      urban Wonder! Great

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