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Blue Moon

Format or not to format....that's the question, and I answered incorrectly twice this weekend. We learn from failing not from success. If I had been successful all this time I would never have learned about RescuePRO, File Recovery Utility.

I haven't done much for shooting since our July road trip to Vegas. Late this last week I managed to drag my ass out of bed earlier than usual with the lure of the "blue moon". Not to mention Blue Moon is one of my favorite brews, (I have many) .

So after getting my ass up out of bed extra early on a work day and being excited about capturing a epic event, the blue moon, I managed to delete all the images that I captured that morning and downloaded to lightroom, after too many Blue Moons,. Actually after too many Bud Light Platinum's. I was a bit distraught but being comfortably numb, I didn't lose any sleep over the loss. After waking up and regaining my hungover sense of loss, I remembered a tiny little recovery disc that came with the ScanDisk Compact Flash cards I've been using. Low and behold it worked! Downside it saved and downloaded all the Images from a year and a half ago that I had previously downloaded and formatted. Lots of churn time on the computer and then after that lots of churn time by me. Much slower than the computer.

Not the first time I f_ _ _ed up and bucked a headwind because of a bad decision or too many Blue Moon's. Synonymous? Wish it was.


Have a great rest of the Labor Day Weekend!

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Taken on September 2, 2012