Weekly Time Lapse Abomination - 2012.09.09

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Another attempt at video making with time lapse. This time I strapped the iphone to my backpack and increased the shooting frequency to 1 photo every 2s. I'm interested in the randomness aspect of it, so I came up with the following rules:
(1) - you may adjust your speed and direction to increase the likelihood of particular subject getting on photo.
(2) - you may not manually point the cam to capture a particular subject
(3) - you may not manually shoot to take a snapshot at a particular point in time
(4) - you may not look at the photos until the whole thing is done!

I haven't bothered pausing during breaks and stretching, everything is in there!

End result seems (to me!) slightly better than my previous attempt, I'm going to look into using the back camera next time, to get a better resolution.Because the video is too large for flickr, I've posted it on Vimeo

  1. Luigi-G 30 months ago | reply

    Setup info:
    - 2005 iPod photo belt-clip case, which perfectly(!) fits my iPhone 4S (+case)
    - Nike cheyenne vapor running backpack, to attach the whole thing!


  2. anjeee 30 months ago | reply

    very cool project! i enjoyed your video. as i mentioned over on vimeo, i felt as if i was taking a run with you. i've not been to amsterdam since 1988, so it was quite a treat. :)

    i would definitely try and use the main camera next time, as some of your shots would make great stand-alone photos w/ higher resolution!

  3. Luigi-G 30 months ago | reply

    Thank you anjeee! :) It's a fun project, hopefully there's more/better coming up.
    1988... I wasn't in Amsterdam back then, I wonder what the city must have been like (I wish I could go back in time and have a look around! ;) Nowadays.. Amsterdam is home, so I'm glad I could give you a bit of a tour :) I will go to a different part of the city next time!

  4. Alisonashton1 30 months ago | reply

    The Video works really well! Could you explain... is the camera pointing behind you? So do you reverse the sequence to make it run forwards when we watch it?
    It's very effective.
    I keep wanting to select one of these thumbnails to have a closer look, which shows that they all grab the attention!
    Great work Luigi.

  5. Luigi-G 30 months ago | reply

    Thanks Alison! The camera is pointing forward, with the 'case' attached to the strap on the front side. I guess it's kind of like half way between a collar-bone and nipple PoV, looking forward ;D
    But there's indeed something funny going on with the 'montage', the first few (real time) minutes magically got relocated to the end of the video, and I have no idea why! A testament to my command of video-making tools, I guess :-/

  6. Not Quite Me 30 months ago | reply

    This is real PhD stuff isn't it? I think that I must have a tidy mind because I like the frames in a nice clean table like that. And some of the frames are rather well composed, the ones with artwork in particular - maybe the art composes itself.

  7. Luigi-G 30 months ago | reply

    Thank you Kath! I like the challenge of coming up with both a static and a dynamic version.. I certainly wouldn't want to stop anybody from giving me a PhD, as long as it's something I could put in my CV! ;--)

  8. Theen ... 30 months ago | reply

    fab exercise luigi! love the still frames.
    the nip-collarbone is a much better location for the camera than your arm, although your nipple still lurches around a bit (loose lipsnips sink ships). as a thought experiment, if you strap it on your center of gravity and adjust the frequency to match a multiple number of strides, would it minimise the lurching? also 5 minutes was bit long for me as i started to get dizzy again after about 2 minutes.

  9. Luigi-G 30 months ago | reply

    Thank you Theen :) ..ah those unruly nipples, from ships to cameras, nothing escapes them! I'm definitely going to look into further improving stability and doing some rudimentary video editing to keep the length at around 2 to 3 min without messing with the frame rate. Switching to high-res would also be nice, provided I can free up enough space...
    Thanks for the timing idea! I guess it can be tricky, but it could improve things a lot, if I can get it right...

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