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    The White Ghost Shivers at Esther's Follies in Austin, TX during SxSW '09

    The White Ghost Shivers are 7 piece, 20s/30s, ragtime, bluegrass, vaudeville inspired extravaganza, steeped in innuendo and are officially my new favorite band.
    All the photos, descriptions and youtube videos in the world can not convey the energy and extravaganza-ness contained in their stage show. Hands down the best live performance I've ever seen in my life. They were so animated and all over the place I could never get them all in one shot. And yes, the banjo player is like 7 feet tall.

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    1. isayx3 62 months ago | reply

      did you end up using flash?

    2. Lex Machina 62 months ago | reply

      Yes I did! I am, in fact, convinced that my flash arriving the day of this show was no coincidence. They were constantly moving! There's no way in hades I'd have gotten anything useful without it. And if you look through them all I still got quite a few with motion blur if they or I moved too far away.

    3. Lucid Revolution 62 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot!!! beautifully done! :)

    4. pexy 62 months ago | reply

      Jesus, this looks amazing. I think you've captured a lot of energy there! Do you have any more shots?

      Do they tour?

    5. Lex Machina 62 months ago | reply

      @pexy There's a little "More here" link to the rest of the images at the bottom of the description. ;) And I'm not sure if they tour. They play a ton of shows here in Austin [we saw them again just this week and then we're planning to see them at least once maybe twice in April, I can't remember] but they have all their show dates on their myspace page. www.myspace.com/whiteghostshivers Since the last show we saw them at was a free show, to show our support we bought a CD and I was concerned I wouldn't enjoy it as much as the live show, but the music sans performance really is excellent. Definitely give them a listen, or three since they have multiple vocalists!

    6. retrogarde 62 months ago | reply

      I'm buying a song of theirs on iTunes based entirely on how cool they look in your photo. Hmm, that sounded cooler before I remembered iTunes only charges .99 per song...
      But they look great!

    7. Lex Machina 62 months ago | reply

      @retrogarde that's awesome! Of the available stuff I highly recommend Everyone's Got 'em, Mama Said, The Ghost Song and My Land. I think The Ghost Song is my favorite on the album, but that's because I'm a spooky kid at heart.

    8. retrogarde 62 months ago | reply

      I just bought one quick on my way out the door to get to work. I wish I'd taken a listen first though, as I ended up buying an instrumental track! Oh well, I was actually considering The Ghost Song (I'm a spooky fellow), so I'll grab that one tonight.

    9. Zoey Epicurious 62 months ago | reply

      Just checked out their music per your rec and this awesome photo. Great stuff! They remind me a wee bit of Squirrel Nut Zippers.

    10. anddoesitexplode 62 months ago | reply

      hehe, aw i love how the shivers are getting everywhere now. theyve been so big in austin for a while, but i never really saw anythin bout em elsewhere. makes me happeh. that tall man (wes) is a nice fellow.

    11. Lex Machina 62 months ago | reply

      @x_evilgenius_x Yay! Me too! I've seriously spent like a decade or more looking for more stuff in that vein.

      @anddoesitexplode You weren't, by chance, the one on whitechapel that recommended them were you? Still haven't thanked that person. I am seriously a creativity cheerleader. Any time I find something outstanding I do as much as I can to help spread the love.

    12. anddoesitexplode 61 months ago | reply

      i think i seconded or even thirded the recommendation accherly haha. kinda bizarre how many people on whitechapel know weston from the shivers.

      i'm the same on the cheerleadin'. i tend to bother people cause i'm always trying to show them music and movies and the like :}.

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