Illinois Turns 200 Podcast
Illinois Humanities welcomed residents of Alton and surrounding communities to attend a free live taping of Illinois Turns 200, a bicentennial podcast series, Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018 at the National Great Rivers Museum. Guests included National Great Rivers Research and Education Center Riverwatch Biologist Charlie Blake, L&C Adjunct History Instructor/Historian Brad Winn, Reid Memorial Librarians Liz Burns and Greg Cash and Adjunct Music Instructor Brenda Lancaster.

Illinois Turns 200 looks at the past, present and potential futures of seven Illinois communities that arose along rivers, railroads, and significant roads and tells their stories through live interviews, dramatic readings, archival material and musical performances. The seven-part series is going be available for broadcast to NPR-affiliates across Illinois and for downloading.

Photos by Laura Inlow, Lewis and Clark Community College Media Services
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