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    Hoodoos in the Bryce Canyon area are formed by two weathering processes that continuously work together in eroding the edges of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. The primary weathering force at Bryce Canyon is frost wedging where there are over 200 freeze/thaw cycles each year. In the winter, melting snow, in the form of water, seeps into the cracks and freezes at night. When water freezes it expands by almost 10%, gradually prying open cracks, making them ever wider.
    Hoodoo formation

    In addition to frost wedging, what little rain falls in the area also sculpts the hoodoos. Although the Bryce Canyon region is far from major sources of atmospheric pollution, rainfall there is nevertheless slightly acidic. This weak carbonic acid can slowly dissolve limestone grain by grain. It is this process that rounds the edges of hoodoos and gives them their lumpy and bulging profiles. Where internal mudstone and siltstone layers interrupt the limestone, the rock will be more resistant to the chemical weathering because of the comparative lack of limestone. Many of the more durable hoodoos are capped with a type of magnesium-rich limestone called dolomite. Dolomite, being fortified by the mineral magnesium, dissolves at a much slower rate, and consequently protects the weaker limestone underneath it in the same way a construction worker is protected by his/her hardhat.

    Rain is also the chief source of erosion (the actual removal of the debris). In the summer, monsoon type rainstorms travel through the Bryce Canyon region bringing short duration high intensity rain. --from Wikipedia


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    1. birdyboo ages ago | reply

      Gosh that is a fantastic place. Really seems incredible. Great shot and very nice and interesting caption.

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    2. wildcats' fan [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I'm just speechless. Fantastic capture!!!!

    3. pmarella ages ago | reply

      Wow, this is wonderful.
      Simply beautiful.

    4. jbc16 ages ago | reply

      I dig it!

    5. Baron von Beerfest ages ago | reply

      Beautiful! Thanks for the info.

    6. ladyloneranger ages ago | reply

      Great iinformation and wonderful picture!

    7. tollen ages ago | reply


    8. John Magnet Bell, Wearing a Red Tie [deleted] ages ago | reply

      superb -- so clear, so sharp, and the colors so vivid.

    9. Leviathor ages ago | reply

      Jeff--I did. It was strange looking out over well-lit hoodoos and having all the colors pop and saturate unrealistically--nearly overwhelming!

      PS. This hoodoo detail was taken of a group of hoodoos with a 400mm lens.

    10. photofool ages ago | reply

      amazing shot. fabulous light & colors. i spent two days there, one of the most unreal places on earth.

    11. David Lev ages ago | reply

      Fantastic color and light. Great shot

    12. ssalazarmeza ages ago | reply


    13. Mr. Greenjeans ages ago | reply

      Wow! Very other-worldly!!!

    14. jcowboy ages ago | reply

      Vibrant colors! Thanks for the background information.

    15. Clickr_Flickr ages ago | reply

      WOW! I should go there someday!

    16. Leviathor ages ago | reply

      Thanks, everyone. (=

    17. levi_d ages ago | reply

      Really nice lighting in the hoodoos.

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    18. wintercove ages ago | reply

      I've never seen these before! What a spectacular sight!! The light is wonderful!
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    19. DigitalPhotoArtist [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Great light on the hoodoos. They almost seem to be glowing. Great job!

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    20. Angelrays ages ago | reply

      Amazing color!! Makes me want to see them for myself! Nice detail and lighting.
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